The First Commandment

September 20, 2019

By Thomas Drake

I am the Lord your God. You shall have no other gods before me. (Exodus 20,2-3)

A special Synod of Bishops will gather next month in Rome for three weeks, to discuss a “Church with an Amazon face”.  Concerned Catholics are increasingly gathering together to understand, study and scrutinize this major event touted by the eco-left as a “paradigm shift” in the Church and in the world.

These concerned Catholics must face the alarming picture of progressive clergy supporting the agenda of radical climate-change activists traveling in comfortable planes and working out of air-conditioned offices. These radicals desire to herald in a new era of tribal joy and harmony with Mother Nature. And for them the Amazon model is to be a new epiphany for the Catholic Church.

To get an idea of what they propose, consider these statements from the Synod’s working document (known as the Instrumentum Laboris) “Amazonia: New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology.”

“The life of Amazon communities not yet influenced by Western civilization is reflected in the beliefs and rites regarding the actions of spirits, of the many-named divinity acting with and in the territory, with and in relation to nature. This worldview is captured in the ‘mantra’ of Francis: ‘“everything is connected’” (Laudato Si 16, 91, 117, 138, 240). (Instrumentum Laboris n. 25).”

[There is a] “connectivity and harmony of relationships between water, territory and nature, community life and culture, God and the various spiritual forces.” (Instrumentum Laboris  n.13)

Such statements are indeed worrisome.

On September 7th , a few dozen men got together at the Tradition, Family, Property – Louisiana center in Lafayette to analyze and discuss the agenda of the Pan-Amazon Synod.

The first session discussion was about the role of key figures of the dying liberation theology movement, which has metastasized into a quasi-mystical ecological and tribal movement: a transition from red to green. The doctrines and praxis of this “new” indigenous theology were already documented and denounced in 1977 by Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira in his book, Indian Tribalism: The Communist-Missionary Ideal for Brazil in the Twenty-First Century.

During the second session, TFP members gave a report with video and photos of the recent TFP-inspired caravans in the Amazon regions of Brazil and Peru. The young men of these caravans met with the Amazonian people and Indians in these areas. Most of them opposed to the agenda of this Synod discussing their future. They did not share this proposed utopia modeled after primitive Indian life. After all, why would anyone chose to live in a straw hut without plumbing and electricity, so that some college anthropologists could showcase this lifestyle as a happy remnant of the Paleolithic era?

During the third session, participants reviewed the pantheistic doctrines running through the Synod’s Instrumentam Laboris. They saw how the document denies a personal transcendent God, and professes a God equal to “the various spiritual forces.” All this is grave beyond measure in an official Vatican document.

Cardinal Brandmuller, Cardinal Muller and Cardinal Burke are among the growing number of voices opposing the Marxist-tribal philosophies underpinning this “Amazonia: New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology.”

Soon enough, agendas like this could unleash new waves of disciples of Jean-Jacques Rousseau that will try to change the Church, world, nation and parish.  All with an “Amazon face”.

Here you have the Pan-Amazon Synod Watch with articles written by several TFP scholars.
And here you have the Vatican-based Pan-Amazon Synod site.


By Cesar Franco

Texas is seen as a place where people are attached to God, family, guns, and land. This remains true. However, the Sexual Revolution and the rule of money over morals have taken their toll. Another Texas is emerging that espouses abortion, homosexuality, and socialism. The twenty-four young men traveling on a prolife caravan with Tradition, Family, Property saw this other Texas firsthand in Austin and San Antonio.

An Alarming Brutality

Throughout the campaigns for life, the overwhelming majority of reactions were favorable. There was a very vocal minority that usually appeared on the scene. Pro-abortion activists displayed their usual profanity, immoral gestures or shouted clichés like, “where are the women?” On this tour, a new slogan was heard in many places. It was disturbing for its alarming brutality: “Kill the babies!”

At a red light in San Antonio, TFP activists encountered a man who shouted, “Kill the babies. Cut their heads off! If they are going to be poor, just kill them.” When asked if poor homeless people should be killed, he responded: “Yes, kill them too.” He only became silent when asked if he or his family members might be murdered. When the light turned green, he drove away shouting, “Who is going to pay for them? Are you?”

Youth Was Not Made for Pleasure, but Heroism

One highlight of the caravan was campaigning at the University of Texas in Austin. With its liberal reputation, the young men were eager to test their debating skills. Not surprisingly, the pro-abortion students were none too happy to see the TFP campaign. It was not too long before the debates began!

One young man tried to argue against the campaign by deviating the debate asking questions, “Why are you in a suit?” or “What is your suit made of?” He had blue hair. So the TFP member asked him why his hair was blue. Surprisingly, the young man was dumbfounded and eventually replied, “That’s a good question. I don’t know.” Thinking himself clever, he asked, “Why is your hair black?” “Because that is the way it naturally grows,” was the response. When the TFP member then explained why he was prolife, the blue-haired student said he did not want to know and left disgusted.

One student asked how it can be known that God exists. “Because every effect has a cause. Look at the traffic signal for example. It didn’t just happen. Someone made it. And so it is with the created universe.”

He replied that a man made the traffic light. How does one know that God made the universe? “Everything around us is the effect of a cause. Therefore, if you take all effects and their causes back far enough, there has to be an uncaused cause. Can you give me an example of an effect that never had a cause?” He had no answer.

Fighting for the Soul of Texas

When the TFP prolife caravan arrived at the Alamo, they saw a group of atheists holding signs  that said, “Keep Church and State Separate” and “Good without God.” Their T-shirts said, “I am an atheist, and I vote.” On this day, the Alamo again became a battlefield with the two sides fighting for the soul of Texas.

Fortunately, support from God’s Texas began to manifest itself. An old veteran saluted the TFP contingent as they campaigned. A 15-passenger van drove by with a fist out the window holding a rosary. With a big smile, the man shouted, “TFP! We watch all your videos!” Another lady said, “Look, I’ve had six children! I am completely opposed to abortion.” TFP member John Tomba offered a flyer to a middle-aged woman who said “I definitely need one of these. Give me three more, and I will pass them out.”

Caravan member Ross Vandeventer told one man that the campaign was to defend the unborn.  “That’s great!” he responded. “My girlfriend wanted to get an abortion. I told her, ‘no way!’ We didn’t have the abortion, and now my child is six months old.”

Before leaving San Antonio, the young men paid a visit to a San Antonio Mission. Centuries ago, ardent Franciscan missionaries brought the Light of Christ to a Texas immersed in the darkness of paganism. Sadly, this darkness has returned with legalized abortion. The TFP caravan members renewed their resolve to continue the work those early missionaries began. They prayed for the day when Texas—and America—will be abortion-free.

by John Paul Tomba

On August 31, Tradition, Family, Property—Louisiana held its Fourth Call to Chivalry Day at its headquarters in Lafayette. This month’s program was the largest to date with boys and fathers coming from Kenner, Baton Rouge, New Iberia, Scott and Lafayette to participate.

After a lively pizza lunch, everyone gathered and listened attentively to a presentation about the differences between Catholicism and Islam based on the TFP book, Islam and the Suicide of the West.
The boys then donned fencing masks and took up their [wooden] swords. The lesson was based on an old English martial arts fight manual. Rather than just a lesson on techniques, the boys put the theory into practice by mock fighting each other. They were also taught how to salute and shake hands before and after the fight.

The next event was the customary jug cutting in which they slice water-filled plastic jugs with a sword. Some boys even provided their own jugs in anticipation. Using an authentic medieval replica sword, the boys tried to slice the gallon jugs as many times as possible while keeping it in place. The record still stands at 6! As all good things, the swordplay came to an end. Klondike bars and homemade cookies waiting in the house awaited. All left with a better understanding of their faith and expressed a desire to attend next time.

For more information, contact TFP Louisiana at: or 337-232-1131.

By Cesar Franco

For those who have never been to Fort Worth, it still retains some character from times past. At the stockyards, one can catch a small glimpse of what things looked like when thousands of cattle were loaded onto trains to go to other parts of the country. The old Saint Patrick’s Cathedral has paintings of the Franciscan martyrs of Texas and Venerable Maria of Agreda, the famous “Lady in blue” who preached to the Texas Indians.

An enthusiastic group of young men took in this glorious past as they arrived in Fort Worth. They were part of the Tradition, Family, Property Summer caravan, and they were in the city to oppose procured abortion.

They found lots of people at the downtown Sundance Square. It was an ideal place for a TFP lunchtime campaign.

One man was shocked upon seeing the TFP cross his path. “I was just watching your videos, and my kids love them!”

“It’s a woman’s choice!” shouted an old woman to TFP caravan member Ross Vandeventer. Immediately another couple thanked him, and the wife said out loud, “I am glad to see you are out here.” Then facing the old woman, she said, “Not everybody appreciates it, but we do.”

One woman driving by the campaign attempted to defend abortion. Caravan member David Dunlap told her adoption was the better option. “Do you know that only 1 in 10 children born is adopted?” he responded, “My dad was adopted, and he is great!” Realizing that abortion would have deprived him of his father, the woman closed her window and said nothing more.

One lady defined herself as pro-life, but only for herself, not for others. “I don’t understand why you are telling women what they can and can’t do. You should be focusing on hunger and poverty and cancer.” TFP member Gabriel Jordan responded that fighting abortion helps prevent breast cancer since some studies say that young women who voluntarily abort their babies are 2.4 times more likely to contract breast cancer. When a homeless man in a wheelchair passed by, the woman pointed to him and said, “This is a prime example of what I am talking about. You should be fighting stop this.” Ross Vandeventer quickly asked the man, “Excuse me, sir, are you pro-life?” He responded: “I ain’t killing my kids! I have nine of them!” Then turning to the woman, Ross said, “See! He’s pro-life.” Her response was “I don’t care what he feels personally. All this [referring to the man] could be resolved through abortion.” She believed the myth that abortion solves poverty.

One man said he was pro-life but that he was afraid the abortion issue was dividing the nation too much: “People need to find common ground to unite the country.” The TFP caravan member responded that finding common ground on the issue of abortion is impossible because killing unborn children is such a grave evil, that there can be no compromise. Whole generations of Americans have been killed through abortion. The man, a Catholic, said to keep up the good work. “Onward Christian soldiers!” he said as he departed.

One woman hugged Jerome Linscomb, saying, “I love what you all are doing!”

After seeing the sign asking people to honk to support life, a young lady tried to reach over and honk the horn. The driver blocked her hand, and a struggle then ensued over the horn, as the car drove off.

Later, the caravan campaigned near the Hulen Mall during rush hour. The members were greeted with waves, thumbs up, and honks. The scene of young men with the bagpipes, flags, and enthusiasm for their cause inspired hope for America’s future. There are still God-fearing Americans who feel strongly about these important issues. The caravan members finished the day’s campaign with three Hail Marys beseeching Our Blessed Mother to strengthen the resolve of Americans to abolish the killing of the innocent in the nation.


By Cesar Franco

After campaigning against abortion in the Gulf region, an enthusiastic group of young volunteers forming the Saint Elias Caravan arrived at Tyler, Texas on July 21. At the city’s main intersection on Broadway and the Loop, the caravan members were delighted to see others already there. Another caravan led by Rex Teodosio came down from the Great Lakes region to join them. This Great Lakes group had already campaigned in Denver, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque. Now they joined the Saint Elias Caravan and pro-life fathers and sons from Tyler. All total, there were 40 strong defenders of life that afternoon. The red standards of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) fluttered alongside Old Glory to the sounds of bagpipes and drums and lots of supportive honking!

One woman lowered her car window and tried to appear observant by saying, “I noticed you are all men. Where are all the women?” The caravan member responded, “If there were women out here, would you change your mind?” Of course her answer was no. “Well ma’am then that is a non-argument.” A blast of honks of support made her wince as she left none too happy. The public’s reception of the campaign in Tyler was excellent.

Campaign in Dallas

Some of those who disagreed were more than vocal in Dallas. At the city’s Northpark Mall, TFP member Gabriel Jordan was hit by a water bottle thrown from a car. The water sprayed all over another caravan member. The culprit nearly rear-ended the vehicle in front of him in his haste to get away. Fortunately, everything was filmed, and a police report was filed.

After watching the campaign, a well-dressed businessman approached. He commented that “It is great to see you out here. I was getting ready to go to work, and I heard the bagpipes.” He then affirmed his rejection of abortion and lamented the state of America. “The liberals make everyone think that they are the majority. They are merely the loudest. Conservatives are too passive. That is why it is great to see conservatives who are more active and more vocal! Keep doing what you are doing!” The TFP caravan was accomplishing its goals of encouraging those who oppose abortion.

Jerome Linscomb approached the car and offered a flyer to two women in a car. The younger driver had honked the horn in support. The older lady was unsympathetic asking, “Where are all the women?” The young man replied that “We have the Blessed Mother on our side.” The younger woman then smiled, honked again and gave a thumbs up.

No Argument? No Problem.

At Dallas’ Irving Mall, a woman leaned over the car’s driver and angrily shouted: “Where are all the women! I don’t see a single woman out here. How dare you try to tell women what they can do with their bodies.” The reply was the same: “Ma’am, if there were any women out here, would that change your mind?” A moment of hesitation was followed by “No!” The caravan member then asked “Ma’am, aren’t you glad your mom was pro-life?” She pulled out a concealed water gun and thoroughly sprayed everyone before speeding off.


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1st Report: Caravan Defending Innocent Life in the South

August 9, 2019

By Cesar Franco From July 17-29, thirteen young men with TFP–Louisiana took part in a two-week tour throughout the South campaigning against abortion. The caravan tour was put under the patronage of Saint Elias the prophet. He is a fitting patron since he fought against the worship of Baal, to whom children were sacrificed. His […]

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Call to Chivalry Day in the Land of Mary

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At the Monthly Pro-Life Luncheon in Lafayette

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Support and Rejection Protesting Abortion in Houston

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Summit on Survivors of the Sexual Revolution

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At the Good Friday Nine Churches Walk in New Orleans

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TFP New Orleans: Good Friday Nine Churches Pilgrimage

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Protesting the Drag Queen Story Hour in New Orleans

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By Ben Broussard On April 6, 2019, the New Orleans Public Library once again hosted a Drag Queen Story Hour. This time it was at a new location, Martin Luther King Jr. branch in the Lower Ninth Ward. Members and supporters of Tradition, Family, Property – Louisiana signed an online petition insisting that the library […]

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TFP at UT Austin: Keep America Free from Socialist Tyranny

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Texans Say No! to Drag Queen Story Time in Houston

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