Concerned Catholics from all over the Houston area gathered on August 28 for a special talk on October’s Synod on Synodality in Rome. Tradition, Family, Property (TFP) and America Needs Fatima sponsored the event at the downtown Coronado Club, which included a book launching and reception.

TFP Vice President John Horvat delivered the talk “How the Coming Synod Could Radically Change Your Parish and the Church.” The crowded room was overflowing with people who wanted to know what the October Synod of nearly 400 bishops and laity members would discuss.



Mr. Horvat also introduced the book The Synodal Process is a Pandora’s Box: 100 Questions & Answers, co-authored by TFP authors Jose Antonio Ureta and Julio Loredo de Izcue. Cardinal Raymond Burke wrote the foreword.

News of the book has spread all over the media, including major outlets like The New York Times and The Washington Post. It was reported in Breitbart, MSN, the Catholic Herald, the National Catholic Register, America Magazine, LifeSiteNews and other sites.

The book is a precious tool to clearly understand what Cardinal Burke means when he says, “Synodality and its adjective, synodal, have become slogans behind which a revolution is at work to change radically the Church’s self-understanding, in accord with a contemporary ideology which denies much of what the Church has always taught and practiced.”

Cardinal Burke is not the only one sounding the alarm. Cardinal Gerhard Müller, former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, claims that “They are dreaming of another church that has nothing to do with the Catholic faith…and they want to abuse this process, for shifting the Catholic Church—and not only in [an]other direction but in the destruction of the Catholic Church.”

Mr. Horvat, author of the best-selling book Return to Order, showed how the Synod could represent a revolution inside the Church.

“What the Synod on Synodality teaches is that Church teaching is defined by listening to ‘the spirit,’ not necessarily scripture and tradition,” Mr. Horvat affirmed. He also warned that the Synodal Path could radically change how the Church is governed and oriented.

Indeed, the book arms concerned clergy and laity alike with the doctrinal insight and facts necessary to defend the immutable Catholic teaching against those seeking to change it in the name of “synodality.”

The Houston event was part of a five-city tour reaching New Orleans, Lafayette, Beaumont (Tex.), Houston and Fort Worth, where the topic was received with great interest and concern.


 by Cesar Franco

On September 2, volunteers with Tradition, Family and Property—Texas and America Needs Fatima led over seventy prayer warriors in a Rosary rally protest against the openly Satanic rock band Ghost. The band’s songs mock and blaspheme Our Lord, Our Lady and the beliefs of the Holy Catholic Faith. Its members often perform wearing Catholic vestments.

After canceled performances in Florida and South Carolina due to hurricanes and inclement weather, the group brought its blasphemy to The Woodlands, Texas.

At the Rosary rally, banners such as “Satan Has No Rights” and “We are One Nation Under God: Satanism is not an American Value” were displayed. Other signs read “Honk to Honor Christ,” “I am Catholic. Stop Attacking My Faith!” and “Blasphemy is Not Free Speech!”

Catholic faithful holds a sign saying, “Honk to Honor Christ!”

Hordes of concertgoers had to pass by the protest to reach the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, where the event was held.

Hell Vomits Its Contents

Those attending the concert dressed in black and used macabre make-up to make themselves look sinister. They wore clothes with blasphemous imagery. Many women even dressed mockingly as nuns. It was as though hell vomited forth its contents. Sadly, at least a few thousand entered the concert area.

Rosary rally participants were apprehensive at the beginning of the protest as concertgoers mocked them and invoked Satan as they walked by. It was as if experiencing something of the hatred and vilification Christ endured during His Passion.

The blasphemy and mockery were met with shouts of “Viva Cristo Rey!” And “Viva La Virgen Maria!” One favorite slogan was, “Satan IS… The eternal loser!”


The rally began without the pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

Your Mother is Here

The rally began without the pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima. She arrived midway through the first Rosary. The protesters paused and held a solemn crowning of Our Lady with hymns accompanied by the bagpipes. This beautiful ceremony filled all present with confidence and reassurance.

The protesters were struck by the stark contrast of this crowning of the Blessed Mother Mary with the black-clad crowds of satanic concertgoers.

Support from Cars

The arrival of Our Lady’s statue turned the prior sense of apprehension into sentiments of enthusiasm and determination. The Rosary was held at the corner of a busy intersection where those in cars waiting for a green light manifested a surprising amount of support.

“While we chanted the Divine Praises, it seemed as though all the cars began honking and would not let up!” said Jesus Ramos, one protester.

The protest finished with the chanting of the Salve Regina after three hours of reparation and public witness.

By Nathan Kinley and Thomas Drake

In today’s modern world, young Catholic boys are under attack.

They are constantly exposed to woke ideology and sin by the entertainment industry, LGBT fanatics, and Marxists. They are being pushed to deny their Catholic Faith every day by nearly every institution. There is no running from these attacks – there is only fighting against them. The Catholic Church teaches that as the Church Militant on this earthly battlefield, we are called to wage war against the Devil, the world, and the flesh – the very things trying to lead us to Hell.

At the Call to Chivalry Camps, the TFP teaches Catholic boys to recognize this spiritual war. They are taught to effectively combat our demonic enemies– and become Catholic heroes.

The Spirit of the Crusade

There are three Summer Call to Chivalry Camps annually around the country – Florida, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana – with each year having a theme, this year being The Glories of Catholic France. France – honored as the First Daughter of the Church – played a key role in Christian Civilization. Her Catholic heroes were heavily emphasized at these camps.

TFP speakers gave the participants many presentations on these heroes.

TFP speakers gave the participants many presentations on these heroes. These included Charlemagne, the first Holy Roman Emperor; St. Louis IX, the French king who led two crusades; and St. Joan of Arc who was given a mission by St. Michael to save France from English occupation, to restore the French Crown and reform a decadent chivalry during the Hundred Years war.

Mark, 13 years old, said, “My favorite part was the talks because they taught me things I didn’t know, and they were very interesting,”

When asked about his favorite talk, Peter, 17, said, “My favorite talk was on St. Joan of Arc because of how devoted she was to God, her parents, and the saints who appeared to her even at the age of 13. She was dedicated to the Crusade and staying a virgin. She was a Crusader until the end.”

There were talks on many other topics, such as the important role of Church architecture, the restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the revolutions preceding and succeeding the French Revolution, and the great Marian apostle, St. Louis de Montfort, which was accompanied by a lively skit. Other participants – especially the Dads – commented on how interesting the talks were, and mealtime conversations tended to discuss the points made earlier.

From Boys into Knights

The anniversary of overturning Roe vs. Wade allowed a peaceful public action on behalf of the unborn. On a busy Saturday at a Lafayette intersection with perhaps the greatest traffic in the region, the Call to Chivalry participants held a Rosary Rally against abortion. Even though the participants were met with some animosity by abortionists, they were only more emboldened.

Call to Chivalry participants held a Rosary Rally against abortion.

Anthony, 17, said, “My favorite part was the Rosary Rally. It was really cool to be out there knowing I’m doing the right thing, despite how [some] people driving by treated us. They were cursing and making obscene gestures. But it was awesome hearing all the [favorable] honks we got, reaffirming the true mission and that there are still people out there who still have the same views as us,”

The participants also took part in a Vigil of Arms – a medieval Church ceremony in which, before being knighted, a man would spend all night with the Blessed Sacrament, praying for the strength and courage to fight the enemies of Our Lord and to be faithful to this honor he had spent years of his life preparing for. Each cabin would take its turn throughout the night adoring Our Lord and a relic of the True Cross – in silence – asking the same things the knights of old asked for.

Each cabin would take its turn throughout the night adoring Our Lord and a relic of the True Cross.

When asked about the Vigil of Arms, Ross, 12, said, “I liked the silence. You could just meditate and hear God, while getting to be with the relic of the True Cross.”

Many other boys also commented that they loved the one-on-one time they had with God during the quiet night.

A Normal Day at Camp

Before breakfast, the camp gathered in formation facing the TFP grand standard, the American and Papal flags to sing the Nicene Creed in Latin. After the Credo, the formation marched into the dining hall, singing a Catholic hymn. where the boys were served a hot meal cooked by staff members.

The camp then prayed a Rosary together, which was followed by a presentation on a hero or an event in French Catholic history, and followed by outdoor games. These games included shield ball – a full contact game where two teams knock down each other’s shield with a ball, or circular dodgeball – where teams take turns being in a circle and surviving the onslaught of dodgeballs, or French football – another full contact game in which two teams attempt to throw a ball in their respective basket.

At lunch, participants were taught good manners, as well as table etiquette. After this, another talk on Catholic France.

There were music sessions where the young men learned new songs about Catholic heroes throughout the world – many of these songs were hummed and whistled in passing throughout the camp. After further outdoor or indoor games, the boys prepared for dinner.

On Sunday, the Call to Chivalry Camp attended Mass in the historic Mother Church of the Acadians.  Later in the day there was a talk on George Cadoudal and the Chouannerie, who opposed the French Revolution and the Napoleonic regime.  Another highlight of the day was the dinner of French cuisine: the entrée was a Cassoulet, a hearty provincial dish with ingredients brought from Southern France and prepared with great care in Louisiana. Ah, and for dessert were delicious homemade Macarons which were extremely popular amongst staff, Dads, and teenage participants alike. This – and other meals – were prepared by families and close friends of the TFP-South.

Treasure Hunting, Medieval Games, and a Medieval Banquet

On the second to last day, the young men participated in a challenging Treasure Hunt. Here teams must work together to solve puzzles, complete obstacles, and fight off French Revolutionaries to obtain clues that lead them to their final objective – a gargantuan chest of candy for the winning team to plunder.

The young men participated in a challenging Treasure Hunt.

The next day was even more eventful: the same teams competed against each other in games, all in heraldic scapulars. There was then a full-contact sword battle, followed by a rugged obstacle course involving canoeing, climbing, and even engaging French revolutionaries on a bridge.

At the close of the camp, a medieval-style banquet hall full of flags, medieval weapons, and armor decorating the immense room, with baroque music, was the setting for a one hundred-pound smoked pig ushered in with musical fanfare.

Over the crowd of parents and camp participants, a regal statue of Our Lady of Fatima presides at the head of the hall.

As the main dinner course drew to a close, a guest speaker was introduced at the podium. Mr. Ross McKnight is a Catholic husband, a father of five children, with a farm business in a quiet corner of Louisiana. He specializes in providing high-quality meat products to restaurateurs in New Orleans.  His hard work sustained his family well until he posted on his Instagram his Catholic belief that June was the month of the Sacred Heart and not some “false pride.”  Overnight two-thirds of his revenue vanished when his main customers canceled their business. The pro-LGBT restaurateurs responded with the expected outburst of “tolerance”; no “compassion” for the young family struggling for a decent livelihood.  Ross did not cower. “We count it a privilege to have lost much,” Ross wrote. “It is an honor to participate, through the suffering of our family, in the triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary” And on his Instagram, he proclaimed Our Lord’s words, “If the world hates you, know ye, that it hath hated me before you.”  The dozens of parents present were fascinated to hear him speak, and the Louisianans were proud that one of their own had bravely stood up for the Sacred Heart of Jesus against the Goliath of the Sexual Revolution. And the young men of the Summer Camp were enthused to see the spirit of Christian Chivalry in action.

As the main dinner course drew to a close, a guest speaker was introduced at the podium. Mr. Ross McKnight.

Once again, a musical fanfare announces the entry of an amazing culinary masterpiece. A dessert like no other: a Castle Cake inspired by the French chateau of Chaumont. There was even a chapel with stained glass windows depicting St. Louis of France, St. Joan of Arc, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which one could clearly see, because of candlelight within the chapel. This was the creation of a team of mothers who stretch the limits of cake decoration beyond the imaginable.

Throughout the Call to Chivalry Camp, skits and theatrical presentations were part of the program. For the closing banquet, an adapted Cyrano de Bergerac play with poetry and swordsmanship took place, moving around the room.

Towards the end of the banquet, participants receive awards for their accomplishments during the camp. The prizes included custom-made shields or statues of Crusader knights for tournament winners, as well as souvenirs for teams that won the various competitions. And each teen participant who made it to the end received a special memento of this camp to return home better prepared to face the challenges of the post-modern world… and longing for their next Call to Chivalry camp.

It is better to be an Eagle for a minute than a Toad for a lifetime

What kind of boy would like this camp? Just listen to those who participated.

“I think a boy who’s serious about his Faith and being a man of God. Also, someone who is not afraid of getting a little dirty.”

“A boy who wants to know the truth, wants to grow stronger in their faith, and spread God throughout the world.”

“A boy who wants to grow in his faith and wants to fight for God in a godless world.”

Would you recommend this camp to other young Catholics who want to grow in their Faith?

“Yes, absolutely! It gives you the push you need, and a chance to learn things here and put them to practice back home.”


“Absolutely! Nowadays, boys are falling into sin, and this camp teaches them to fight evil and the errors of the world.”

“I definitely would!”

Teaching Young Men to fight sin and be sons of Our Lady

Devotion to Our Lady is paramount in today’s world full of error and sin. At the TFP Call to Chivalry Camps, the Rosary is prayed every single day per Our Lady’s request at Fatima; as well as other prayers that are prayed before and after activities throughout the day. To be a true devotee of Our Lady, one cannot run away from the fray – one must fight. This is why the Spirit of Chivalry is so important and embedded into the soul of the camp.


In the TFP Call to Chivalry Summer Camp, boys are taught to fight for the Church against those who attack her. To become soldiers of Christ, as established in the sacrament of Confirmation. In other words, to become saints. It’s in the Way of the Cross – the Via Crucis – how a true Catholic is born. And true knights do not run from their crosses but embrace them – just as Our Lord did.


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