​by John Paul Tomba


On March 8, many women nationwide dressed up and celebrated a special occasion. They explained to curious bystanders that they were observing Lady Day, a special day to celebrate how women might embrace their God-given role in society. Thousands of women felt as if they were truly “liberated” from the political correctness that says all women should be radical feminists.

Lady Day is an initiative of the Return to Order campaign promoted by American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP). It seeks to restore in a positive way a true image of womanhood. This image is in contrast to radical feminists who observe International Women’s Day on March 8 as a means to advocate gender ideology, the sexual revolution and immodesty.

Every year, hundreds of small groups of Catholic ladies get together, elegantly and modestly dressed, to celebrate true womanhood by going on an outing together or visiting a tea room. Many times they will also visit a Marian shrine and pray together.

In this way, women can celebrate true womanhood which, in turn, fosters higher moral standards in society and among children.

“All eyes followed us as we were show to our table…”

Mrs. Theresa Cena sends this report about her ‘Lady Day’ experience in Houston, Texas;

“Our Lady Day was attended by ten ladies from the Houston area. We began with Sunday Mass at Regina Caeli Catholic Church in Houston. We then met at a local restaurant for lunch.

Since all the ladies in our group were elegantly dressed for Lady Day (and Sunday Mass), all eyes followed us as we were shown to our table in the restaurant.

The waitress naturally asked us what the occasion was. She was impressed when we explained the idea of ‘Lady Day’.  As we finished our meal the waitress brought out, much to our surprise, a tea set. She said it was compliments of the manager who was impressed with our event. He had even brewed a special mint and cinnamon tea for us that was not on the menu.

After we finished the delicious tea, we thanked the manager and the waitress for their kindness and they expressed their gratitude to our group for gracing their restaurant.

We then drove to the Museum district and prayed the rosary in front of the Sam Houston monument in Hermann Park. This was a wonderful place because we were surrounded by beautiful flower gardens and people could see us from all directions.

At the Sam Houston monument after the Rosary

After the Rosary, we visited the nearby Museum of Fine Art. Much like the restaurant, all heads turned in our direction as our group of ladies toured an exhibit titled “Glories of Spain.”

Browsing through the displays, we marveled at liturgical vestments with intricate, hand-woven designs and Biblical scenes, engraved golden chalices and relics of the saints.

We were also captivated by large, illuminated manuscripts of hymns and prayers, antique jewelry such as a locket with an image of the Annunciation and a life-size painting of the Immaculate Conception. While admiring the painting, we realized that it was time to pray to the Angelus. So we were delighted to pray aloud together in front of the image.

Our Lady Day ended on this high note. We all felt both blessed and proud to have been a part of this Counter-Revolutionary action.”

​by Cesar Franco

With the coronavirus crisis, things are moving so rapidly that no one knows what tomorrow will bring. The latest development is governors and county judges issuing “stay at home” orders. Nobody should leave home unless for “essential needs,” they say. Of course, religious services are not deemed essential and must be kept online.

The questions arise: What exactly are essential needs? Who determines this? Grocery stores, pharmacies and restaurants with take-out services are essential because they provide for the nourishment of the body. Hospitals are open to preserve life. Transportation services bring citizens to and fro. All these things are considered essential because they preserve the physical good of the body.

In the frenzy to contain the coronavirus, is the soul not considered? There was a time where Catholics regarded the good of souls as reason enough to risk one’s life. Indeed, the Catholic Church has an honor roll of countless saints who risked bodily harm to do good for the souls of others.

The Value of the Soul

The third century young martyr Saint Tarcisius comes to mind. The early Church sought to bring spiritual consolation to those condemned to die in the coliseum. The Roman officials would not allow it. In spite of this, the brave young lad volunteered to sneak Holy Communion to them. Being so young, the guards would not suspect him.

During one such trip, a group of pagans surrounded and martyred him because he would not allow them to desecrate the Blessed Sacrament that he held. Not even in death could they pry the Bread of Heaven from his strong grip. By today’s standards, the health of the body is supreme. Saint Tarcisius should not have risked his life.

Saint Damien of Molokai

Another more recent saint risked his health to bring spiritual good to the lepers of Molokai Island in Hawaii. He judged the good of souls to be worth much more than the risk of his life. Thus, he did an incalculable amount of spiritual good for the souls of those people. He eventually died of leprosy and the world today remembers him as Saint Damien of Molokai, a hero whose name inspires respect and reverence.

Death Rather Than Sin

Saint Louis King of France had the good fortune of a holy mother, Blanche of Castile. She would tell him in his youth that he should prefer death to mortal sin. Her son took these words to heart and set the standard for just rulers. He is the model of all statesman.

The Salvation of Souls is the Supreme Law

People risk their lives for the Blessed Sacrament, help lepers and prefer death to sin for a reason. That reason is found in the Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross. He suffered to redeem souls for all eternity.  His death is a testimony of the superiority of the spiritual over the material, the supernatural over the natural.

The maxim, Christianus alter Christus, means that the Christian is another Christ. Imitating Him implies suffering and working for the good of souls. This is why the salvation of souls is the supreme law of the Catholic Church and canon law.

In face of the coronavirus crisis, Catholics must calmly help preserve public health. However, they should not sacrifice the worship of God and relegate their spiritual and the supernatural needs to a secondary plane of “non-essential needs.”  By withholding the sacraments, Catholics are left without the most important part of their lives. The heroic examples of 2000 years of saints who valued the good of souls over the comforts of the body must be the model in these trying and uncertain times.

by John Horvat II

“We should have recourse to the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Health of the Sick, and Mother of Mercy.”

Our reaction to the coronavirus reflects the crisis of our secular godless society.

The problem is not the virus—as potentially lethal as it might be. This outbreak is a biological fact, like so many that have plagued humanity over the ages.

While a virus is apolitical, it can, however, have political consequences. Much more volatile than the coronavirus is the fear of it. A coronaphobia is rattling the globe. In this sense, the reaction to the coronavirus is extremely political and secular. It reflects a society that has turned its back on God. We face the crisis trusting only in ourselves and our devices.

Man All Alone

Indeed, the management of the coronavirus crisis accepts no help from outside. God has no meaning or function inside all the efforts to eradicate it. In God’s stead, there are the immense powers of government mobilized to control every aspect of life to prevent its spread. The mighty arm of science scrambles to find a vaccine. The worlds of finance and technology are brought to bear to mitigate the disastrous effects of the crisis.

While all human efforts must be used to solve the problems, they have not produced the desired results. Present attempts have disappointed a frenetically intemperate society addicted to instant, push-button solutions. The world has been forced to shut down with no definite timeline as to when the crisis will end.

For this reason, it is so terrifying. There are few mitigating institutions like the Church to make its treatment humane and bearable. We are left alone to face this great danger. The tiny virus isolates and alienates its victims, taking them out of society. In many cases, it is the individual against the State. Technicians in hazmat suits treat men and women as if they are the virus. In totalitarian China and other places, officials employ brutal violence to force compliance with drastic directives.

No Longer in Need of God

A virus is also a-religious. However, that does not prevent it from having a religious dimension. The coronavirus comes at a time when most in society feel they do not need God. For these, God has long been replaced by bread and circuses. The modern pleasures point to no need for Heaven. The postmodern vices proclaim no fear of Hell.

And yet the coronavirus has the uncanny ability to turn our material paradises into hells. The cruise ship, the symbol of all earthly delights, became an infected prison for passengers who did everything possible to get out. Those who have made sports their god now find empty stadiums and canceled tournaments. Those who adore money now find decimated portfolios and quarantined workforces. The worshippers of education look at their empty schools and universities. The devotees of consumerism face bare supermarket shelves. The world we worshipped is tumbling down. The things for which we glory are now in ruins.

A small microbe has toppled the idols that were once thought so stable, powerful and enduring. It has brought their worshippers to their knees. And we still insist that we do not need God. We will spend trillions of dollars in the futile hope of patching our broken idols.

Banishing God

However, one aspect of the coronavirus crisis is still worse. It is bad enough that God is replaced or ignored. We have gone one step further. God is banished from the scene; He is forbidden to act.

Among the draconian measures decreed, government officials are forbidding public worship. In Italy, they have banned Masses, stopped communion and confession. The Church and its holy sacraments are considered an occasion of contagion, treated no different than a sports event or music concert.

In their turn, the media mock the Church claiming that even God has been self-quarantined.

A Crisis of Faith

Sadly, some Church officials are only too willing to comply with such measures. They deprive the faithful of the sacraments just when they needed them most. They go beyond what officials ask even to the point of emptying fonts of their holy water and replacing them with sanitizer dispensers. They discourage the giving of the Last Rites.

Not even miracles are allowed. Church officials unilaterally closed the miraculous healing baths at Lourdes, in France! Those miraculous waters have probably cured every disease known to humanity. Is this coronavirus any more lethal?

Such is the state of our Faith in crisis.

The Solution Lies in Reinvigorating Faith

Some might object that taking a non-secular attitude toward the virus requires a leap of faith. However, we must ask which is the greater leap of faith—to confide in Holy Mother Church or the cold hands of a State that had already shown itself incapable of solving society’s problems?

We have every reason to confide in God. The problem is that we allow officials to treat the Church as if She knows nothing about healing bodies and souls. They have conveniently forgotten that the Church is a mother. She established the world’s first hospitals during the Middle Ages. The foundations of modern medicine are rooted in Her solicitude for the sick. She handled each patient as if Christ Himself. Thus, the Church sent orders of priests, monks and nuns to provide free health care for the poor and sick all over the world. Down through the ages, amid plague and pestilence, we find the Church in their midst, ministering to the infected despite great dangers.

Above all, the Church cared for the souls of the suffering sick. She comforted, consoled and anointed the afflicted. She maintained countless shrines, like Lourdes, where the pilgrims are rewarded for their faith with peace of mind, cures and miracles.

In times of plague, the prayers of whole communities might rise to ask God to come to the aid of a sinful society in need of His mercy. History gives testimony that these prayers were often heard.

When the Church acts as She should, She prevents crises like the coronavirus from becoming inhuman and overwhelming. Like a mother, She provides consolation and hope in moments of darkness. She reminds us that we are not alone and should always have recourse to God. It makes no sense to banish God from the fight against the coronavirus.

Turning to God

Indeed, the coronavirus crisis should be a call to reject our godless society.

This crisis threatens to go beyond the health crisis and bring down the American economy. We must, therefore, ask why God is replaced, ignored and banished. It is time to turn to God, who alone can save us from this disaster.

Turning to God does not mean offering up a symbolic prayer or holding a procession in the hopes of returning to lives of sin and intemperate pleasures. Instead, it must consist of sincere prayer, sacrifice and penance like that requested by Our Lady at Fatima in 1917.

Turning to God presupposes an amendment of life in the face of a world that hates God’s law and barrels toward its destruction. It means acting as the Church has always done, with commonsense, wisdom, charity, but, above all, faith and confidence. All of these Church remedies, full of comfort and healing, are within the grasp of the faithful.

Turning to God does not mean we deny the role of government in handling public health emergencies. However, Faith must be a major component of any solution. God is with us. We should confide in the Blessed Sacrament, the Real Presence of God in the world and the God Who created us. We should have recourse to the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Health of the Sick, and Mother of Mercy.

Originally published at lifesitenews.com

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