Aiming for Christendom at TFP-Louisiana Conference

February 21, 2023

by Return To Order

In an atmosphere of much faith and confidence, Tradition, Family, Property—Louisiana held its 2023 Regional Conference at its headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana, on February 18. Over 80 friends and supporters came from throughout the state and neighboring Texas. They displayed a determination to fight for the Church come what may.

The conference reflected the results of a busy year of rallies, protests, marches and public action. Just a few days before the conference, TFP-Louisiana had been involved in a protest at the city’s public library, where obscene books were made available to children. The TFP’s constant action has marked the debate in the region.

“Our proposal is Christendom and organic Christian society,” said Mr. Horvat.

TFP author John Horvat II delivered the first talk titled “Where We Need to Go: Christendom and Organic Christian Society.” He noted that people often correctly understand the crisis but fail to find the right solution because they need to understand the situation better.

“Our proposal is Christendom and organic Christian society,” said Mr. Horvat. “That is where we need to go. That is how we can get the solution right. Anything less will not work.”

The talk consisted of analyzing the present situation from the perspective of the book Revolution and Counter-Revolution by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira. The speaker then defined and described Christendom and answered possible objections of those who might not think it possible in these times.

The audience was treated to an inspiring presentation by John Paul Tomba and William Gossett, two members of TFP Student Action. They discussed TFP campaigns on campus, “caravan” trips across the country and student formation programs.


“It was so good to see young people so enthused by standing up for the Faith,” said one conference attendee. “They present their message with so much calm.”

TFP-Louisiana director Thomas Drake gave an after-lunch presentation titled “A Brief Glimpse at Where the Revolution is Today.” His commentary explained aspects of the culture war and its history. He outlined the historical process that have led to the present crisis and how people can fight against these trends.

“I was very impressed by how much the people appreciated the talks,” said Elias Bartel, the TFP-Louisiana coordinator of the event. “People saw how Revolutionary influences are entering into their daily lives.”

John Horvat gave the final talk titled “Satan’s Dream: The Extinction of the Human Race – Where Are the Revolution’s “Prophets” Leading Us?” Mr. Horvat reported on the mainstreaming of the human extinction movement by reporting on the book, The Revolt Against Humanity: Imagining a Future Without Us by Adam Kirsch. The illuminating talk showed where the culture war is heading and how the Catholic Church is its principal obstacle.

“As Catholics engaged in the culture war, you and I are obstacles to this huge plan,” Mr. Horvat concluded. “If we stand firm, the world can do nothing against us.”

The well-organized event was full of opportunities to meet new friends and old. As in all gatherings in Louisiana, there were plenty of good food, refreshments and hospitality. Many TFP friends and supporters helped prepare the food, decoration and a special wine and cheese get-together after the talks.

“Everything was full of blessings,” a participant commented. “My only regret is that it only lasted one day.”

There were many opportunities to converse with others. Whether among the many who attended for the first time or veteran supporters, the annual event helps keep all informed as they plan on the next campaigns, rosary rallies and protests that have become a characteristic of TFP-Louisiana’s action over the years. It also served to strengthen confidence in Our Lady, who presided as queen over the event. Conversations lingered until late as all gradually returned home with increased fervor for future actions.

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