Satanic Rock Band ‘Ghost’ Faces Protests in The Woodlands, Texas

September 7, 2023

 by Cesar Franco

On September 2, volunteers with Tradition, Family and Property—Texas and America Needs Fatima led over seventy prayer warriors in a Rosary rally protest against the openly Satanic rock band Ghost. The band’s songs mock and blaspheme Our Lord, Our Lady and the beliefs of the Holy Catholic Faith. Its members often perform wearing Catholic vestments.

After canceled performances in Florida and South Carolina due to hurricanes and inclement weather, the group brought its blasphemy to The Woodlands, Texas.

At the Rosary rally, banners such as “Satan Has No Rights” and “We are One Nation Under God: Satanism is not an American Value” were displayed. Other signs read “Honk to Honor Christ,” “I am Catholic. Stop Attacking My Faith!” and “Blasphemy is Not Free Speech!”

Catholic faithful holds a sign saying, “Honk to Honor Christ!”

Hordes of concertgoers had to pass by the protest to reach the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, where the event was held.

Hell Vomits Its Contents

Those attending the concert dressed in black and used macabre make-up to make themselves look sinister. They wore clothes with blasphemous imagery. Many women even dressed mockingly as nuns. It was as though hell vomited forth its contents. Sadly, at least a few thousand entered the concert area.

Rosary rally participants were apprehensive at the beginning of the protest as concertgoers mocked them and invoked Satan as they walked by. It was as if experiencing something of the hatred and vilification Christ endured during His Passion.

The blasphemy and mockery were met with shouts of “Viva Cristo Rey!” And “Viva La Virgen Maria!” One favorite slogan was, “Satan IS… The eternal loser!”


The rally began without the pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

Your Mother is Here

The rally began without the pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima. She arrived midway through the first Rosary. The protesters paused and held a solemn crowning of Our Lady with hymns accompanied by the bagpipes. This beautiful ceremony filled all present with confidence and reassurance.

The protesters were struck by the stark contrast of this crowning of the Blessed Mother Mary with the black-clad crowds of satanic concertgoers.

Support from Cars

The arrival of Our Lady’s statue turned the prior sense of apprehension into sentiments of enthusiasm and determination. The Rosary was held at the corner of a busy intersection where those in cars waiting for a green light manifested a surprising amount of support.

“While we chanted the Divine Praises, it seemed as though all the cars began honking and would not let up!” said Jesus Ramos, one protester.

The protest finished with the chanting of the Salve Regina after three hours of reparation and public witness.

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