Our Lady Leads From the Front: Dallas and Austin Marches for Life

February 16, 2022

by Joseph Gensens

Through the swirling winds and blinding snow, the “Hail Mary” rang out as a group of young men strode determinedly forward, bearing upon their shoulders  a statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

Catholics will not rest until abortion is ended in this country. With Our Lady leading, members of Tradition, Family and Property-Texas, gathered with pro-lifers at two marches for life in Texas.

Our Lady Leads From the Front: Dallas and Austin Marches for Life

TFP volunteers and friends carrying Our Lady of Fatima at the Austin March for Life.

This year marks 49 years since the legalisation of abortion, resulting in the surgical murder of over 60 million preborn children. This grave evil, along with other moral evils such as homosexuality and transgenderism, are fast eroding American society.

Our Lady Leads Amidst Cold, Wind, and Snow

As the nation faces this grave crisis, Americans must turn to God through His Blessed Mother, asking for His help. It was with this intention that TFP members travelled from Houston, Texas to join with friends and supporters at the Dallas North Texas March for Life on Saturday, January 15.

The TFP contingent joined a crowd of about 3000 people at the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe with a large statue of Our Lady of Fatima, supported on the shoulders of  eager young men. As the march started, the young Catholics began praying the Rosary, that powerful weapon given to us by Our Lady, which has proved so efficacious in obtaining God’s help in times past.

The weather was frigid.  Undaunted, the marchers moved through the downtown wind tunnels of office buildings, where ferocious 40-mile-per-hour winds lashed at them.

The march proceeded to the Earle Cabell Federal Courthouse, where the Roe vs. Wade decision originated.  A number of prominent people gave speeches, including Bishop Edward Burns of Dallas, who lead all in a prayer.

As the marchers prepared to return, one of the pro-life organizers approached a young TFP member and asked that Our Lady come to the very front of the march to lead the crowd back to the Cathedral. “I want Our Lady at the very front, ahead of the American flags,” he emphasized.

The march back to the Cathedral had an epic note, as the group carrying Our Lady processed through the streets while snow blew all around. The message this scene evoked is that, come what may, Our Lady will be there to assist and to lead her children, no matter how fierce the blizzards of life may be.

In Austin, Our Lady Commands

A week later, on Saturday, January 22, TFP members with supporters and friends joined several thousand pro-lifers for the Texas Rally for Life at the Austin State Capitol. Once again, Our Lady was given a prominent place at the front of the crowd, flanked by a bagpiper and a vibrant group praying the Holy Rosary.

TFP men handed out this year’s pro-life flyer titled, “The Day After: What Is Our Dream for a Post-Roe America?” This same flyer was given out at the National March for Life in Washington, D.C that same day. This flyer points out that not only abortion and divorce, but the whole Sexual Revolution, is eroding American Society. The solution is not to go back to 1972, before abortion was legalized by the US Supreme Court, when different states already had legal abortion.

The way out of this ‘life or death’ crisis is a return to God, His Church, and His laws.

Let us turn to God through His Blessed Mother, asking for the conversion of our nation.

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