by Ben Broussard

“I bind to myself today God’s power to guide me, God’s might to uphold me, God’s wisdom to teach me, God’s eye to watch over me…”

These words from the prayer known as Saint Patrick’s Breastplate echoed in the streets of the French Quarter of New Orleans. On August 9, members of Tradition, Family, Property—Louisiana organized a protest against the annual Hex Fest. Gathered behind St. Louis Cathedral, the faithful began by reciting the above prayer. TFP members and supporters then lifted high the statue of Our Lady of Fatima as they offered prayers in reparation to God for the Hex Fest taking place nearby.

The Hex Fest gathers together witches, voodoo practitioners, and occultists at the Bourbon-Orleans Hotel behind St. Louis Cathedral. The hotel used to be the convent of the Sisters of the Holy Family founded by Ven. Henriette Delille. The event organizers chose this venue because it used to be a convent. Where Catholic religious sisters used to sing God’s praises, local and international occultists organized a full program of diabolical presentations and ceremonies.

The Catholic protesters outside the hotel recited the Joyful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary and then processed through the streets. As the prayers of the rosary reverberated off the buildings, curious onlookers took pictures and video. Others just stared, taking in this unexpected Catholic procession.

“Arise then, O invincible Prince, bring help against the attacks of the lost spirits to the people of God, and give them the victory.”

These bold words of Pope Leo XIII to Saint Michael rang out at the St. Joan of Arc monument in front of a large crowd of tourists, locals, and vendors. The protesters prayed the Saint Michael Chaplet and the Litany of Saint Joan of Arc. The golden equestrian statue of Saint Joan of Arc gleamed in the morning sun, fronted by the statue of Our Lady of Fatima and signs opposing the immoral Hex Fest.

“Saint Joan of Arc, pray for us! Reparation! Reparation! Reparation!”

The protesters next marched to the Mississippi River and concluded in Jackson Square. Hymns to the Blessed Mother were sung.

“Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints.”

The official act of public reparation concluded with the Divine Praises. Many participants, however, chose to go to St. Louis Cemetery #2 to lay flowers at the tomb of Ven. Henriette Delille and continue praying in reparation.

May God accept our act of reparation, and bring an end to the Hex Fest and all other sinful events in our society.


By Robert Nunez


“Long Live Christ the King!”

Such was the call to action that inspired thousands of Mexican Catholics to defend the faith during the bloody persecution against the Church in Mexico in the twenties. Brave Catholics uttered the same cry moments before being executed by the tyrannical government they had justly opposed, filling the ranks of heaven with a new generation of martyrs.
That generation of Catholic heroes, the Cristeros, has passed away, yet the persecution of the Church continues in our day. Catholics around the world, particularly in the Middle East, are oppressed and killed for their faith. Public blasphemy and church desecrations are on the rise in both the United States and Europe. Moreover, progressive dissidents attack the Church from within, seeking to change Her holy teaching and divinely instituted hierarchical structure.
However, a new generation of young Catholics at the 2019 TFP-Louisiana Call to Chivalry Camp has stepped forward to fight for Christ the King. Although their battle only involves ideas and principles, their cry is the same as the martyrs of Mexico who came before them: Viva Cristo Rey!
From July 2-8, dozens of young men and their fathers gathered not only to benefit from the militant Catholic formation and adventures that mark every TFP summer camp but to learn how to defend the rights of the Church as their Cristero forebears did.
One of the goals of the Call to Chivalry camps is to enrich the intellect with profound knowledge and admiration for the faith, chivalry, and Catholic culture. In a nod to this year’s camp theme, lectures and presentations focused on the Catholic history of Mexico. The participants learned how Hernan Cortes conquered the mighty Aztec empire for cross and crown against overwhelming odds. This battle paved the way for the conversion of the Indians through the marvelous apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
Several talks recounted the heroic resistance of the Cristeros against the anti-Catholic regime of Plutarco Calles. The boys listened as zealous priests such as Blessed Miguel Pro traveled throughout Mexico in disguise, secretly administering the sacrament. Eventually, he was caught and martyred while calmly facing the firing squad, shouting “Viva Cristo Rey!” There was also the inspiring story of another valiant Cristero martyr, the 15-year old Saint Jose Sanchez del Rio, told through an artfully performed play.
In the cultural sphere, the boys were treated to a delicious Mexican dinner graciously provided by several of the Mexican mothers. The menu included three different kinds of enchiladas, Mexican rice, and refried beans. Several boys agreed: “It was the best meal of the camp.”
Between talks, the boys rushed outside to compete in a rugged mixture of games such as shield-ball, French-football, dodge ball, paintball, swimming, rock-wall climbing, and archery. They especially enjoyed playing capture-the-flag with foam swords, shields, and bows, and “prison-break” in the dark.
In a further test of wits and endurance, the boys were divided into two teams and sent on a treasure hunt. Eight clues were hidden throughout the 220-acre property. Finally, after a grueling search, the ultimate goal was found: A large wooden chest overflowing with candy. Victory went to the team that showed the most teamwork, strategy, and sportsmanship.
Because the Ten Commandments of Chivalry call us to love our country, the Fourth of July has always been marked with special solemnity at this camp. After the usual wake-up and inspection of bedrooms, participants formed outside for a solemn raising of Old Glory while the TFP band played the Star-Spangled Banner. For lunch, several dads cooked a delectable barbecue.
At the end of the day, a parade was organized to the retired Navy destroyer USS Kidd, moored on the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge, to watch a fireworks display. Dressed in heraldic scapulars, marching in cadence to the shrill notes of bagpipes and beating of drums, and with a large American flag in the lead, the sharp display drew eager applause from bystanders.
Another major highlight was the Vigil of Arms. Once everyone was formed in the meeting room, a relic of the True Cross was solemnly brought in, escorted by TFP members in their ceremonial habit. After a short meditation, everyone had the opportunity to venerate the relic, repeating “Viva Cristo Rey!” as they genuflected.
Everyone took turns spending half an hour in prayer before the sacred relic of the True Cross through the night.
On Sunday, after attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at St. Agnes Church, the young men took a stand for moral values by participating in a pro-life campaign in Baton Rouge. Forming on a busy street corner under the hot sun, camp participants prayed the rosary while holding signs encouraging vehicles to honk against abortion. They shouted slogans such as, “If America fails to protect the unborn, America fails to protect her future!” Many cars honked enthusiastically, while a few malcontents shouted or cursed.
“The chivalry camp is a nightmare for cultural Marxists,” one observer said, “because it trains the boys to be real men, great debaters, great leaders, and fearless fighters.”
On the final day, the participants divided into two teams for the much anticipated medieval games, each with their scapulars, battle cry and patron saint. Through the afternoon, they competed in a large field marked with red TFP standards and colorful medieval pennants as relatives and parents cheered on. An obstacle course race further tested the endurance and teamwork abilities of the young men. Having showered and put on their best apparel, boys and parents alike participated in a final rosary procession, which meandered its way solemnly to the banquet hall. Fr. Keenan Brown blessed the food, and trumpets sounded the entrance of a mouthwatering roasted pig — Cajun-style — borne on the shoulders of four lads. The castle cake dessert, a striking representation of the Alcazar of Segovia, Spain, was also solemnly brought in to “oohs!” and “ahs!” A team of dedicated moms put days of work into this culinary masterpiece. At the banquet’s end, TFP-Louisiana volunteer Cesar Franco addressed the young men, challenging them to put the lessons they had learned into practice, even when it means “going against the grain” of our wayward culture.
Each participant received a handmade souvenir as a memento of the graces they received at the camp: a wooden plaque displaying a Cristero soldier kneeling in prayer before Our Lady of Guadalupe.
It was evident that the battle cry of those valiant heroes, etched on the plaque, was very much alive in the souls of a new generation of boys who attended this camp:
“Viva Cristo Rey!”


By Cesar Franco

From July 17-29, thirteen young men with TFP–Louisiana took part in a two-week tour throughout the South campaigning against abortion.

The caravan tour was put under the patronage of Saint Elias the prophet. He is a fitting patron since he fought against the worship of Baal, to whom children were sacrificed. His words serve as inspiration for all those engaged in the peaceful and legal struggle to defend the law of God. He exclaimed that “With zeal, I am zealous for the Lord, God of Hosts.”

The TFP activists had their exclamation. They could be found proclaiming that “If America fails to protect the unborn, America fails to protect her future!” Another slogan was that “A moral wrong can never be a civil right” These words echoed off skyscrapers in downtown city centers and other prominent places.

The first part of the tour covered Mobile, Ala., Gulfport, Miss., New Orleans and Lafayette, La. The caravan members campaigned in front of Planned Parenthood killing facilities, busy intersections and city centers.

Commentaries from the public were mostly positive. “What you are doing takes courage and I want to thank you. Keep it up,” said one man. Two older ladies took a flyer and came back some fifty yards to say thank you. At St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, a man began cursing and immediately a young woman said: “Don’t listen to him, you are doing good work.” One man told TFP volunteer Zechariah Long, “I am very impressed with what you are doing. I am also very impressed by the way you do it. The way you are dressed and how you carry yourselves.”

The caravan had a close call while praying a rosary. A woman screaming profanities attacked the caravan’s cameraman, Gabriel Jordan. When she realized her violent acts were being filmed, she quickly left.
The young men visited the National Shrine of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos in New Orleans. They prayed the rosary for the success of the campaigns and especially for all the caravan benefactors.

TFP Caravan4
TFP Caravan3
TFP Caravan2
TFP Caravan 1

Drag Queen Story Hour ProtestBy Cesar Franco

On June 9, 2019, Tradition, Family and Property—Texas and its America Needs Fatima friends gathered in front of the J. Erik Johnson Central Library in Dallas to protest against a Drag Queen Story Hour. Thirty-five Texans braved epic winds and rain to pray the rosary in protest. They carried banners and signs, sang songs and chanted slogans categorically rejecting the shameless corrupting of little children in public libraries.

The Drag Queen Story Hour began in San Francisco and has opened chapters nationwide. The goal is to provide children with queer role models and impose upon them the acceptance of sexual deviancy. This is done by bringing in men dressed as women to read gender-bending stories to little children at public libraries.

Dylan Pontiff, a drag queen in Lafayette, Louisiana, is on public record saying that the story hours, “are going to be the grooming of the next generation.” If such words were not enough to take them seriously, two drag queens at the Freed Montrose Neighborhood Library in Houston were exposed as convicted pedophiles!

Slowly becoming aware of this offensive, Americans are resisting and successfully canceling these shameless events. Drag Queen Story Hours have been canceled in Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, and other places. Indeed, peaceful protests work!

Why Our Lady Weeps


Advertisements for the story hour at the J. Erik Johnson Central Library disappeared from the Internet soon after word spread about the protest. Despite the attempt to slide the DQSH in under the radar, the protest rosary rally took place.

About midway through the rosary, violent winds of up to 50 mph suddenly interrupted the rally unleashing a lot of rain. The rally participants continued unfazed, moving to an alcove in front of the library where they were shielded from the rain and wind. The scene was almost apocalyptic as trees bent in the wind, hobos scurried for cover, umbrellas and other objects flew by! All the while, the prayer warriors prayed their Our Fathers and Hail Marys. It reminded those present of the furious spiritual battle taking place in America.

The rally ended as the winds calmed and the sun came out. Many stayed and chatted for a while enjoying the moment. The words of one protester about the struggle to resist the perversion of children in libraries were indicative: “I am sick and tired of sin being promoted and not doing anything about it. That is why I am out here. To do something about it.”

His words certainly resonated with all those present.


TFP hike By John Paul Tomba

On June 6, 2019, Tradition, Family, Property—Louisiana and TFP-Texas joined forces for a “Call to Chivalry Day” in Lumberton, Texas. The venue was the Terra Maria (Land of Mary) Ranch, owned and kindly made available by the Dr. Odis Gossett family.

As with Call to Chivalry Days in Lafayette, Louisiana, the event was designed to give a small group of Catholic boys a taste of the bigger Call to Chivalry Camp that will be held later this summer.

Ten boys ages 11–17 converged on the Land of Mary from Louisiana and Texas. After a pizza dinner, all helped gather wood for a campfire outside. The prospect of a campfire in humid, 95-degree weather left some without enthusiasm. However, when the s’more supplies were unveiled, the heat was quickly forgotten. The campfire and evening concluded with the reading of a selection from The Forty Dreams of St. John Bosco.

Friday was thankfully much cooler and a perfect day for a field trip. The destination came as a surprise since no one suspected there exist miraculous springs in Nacogdoches, Texas. The springs are called the “Eyes of Fr. Margil de Jesus.” The “eyes” are two separate springs and have been flowing since 1718. Read the entire story of the miracle here  . The outing was followed by a meatless, packed lunch, and a stroll through the nearby Oak Grove Cemetery where the graves of three of the signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence can be found.

Holy Springs of Father Margil marker

The hour ride back to Terra Maria Ranch was spent solving riddles and playing card games. Upon arrival, the young warriors had their fill of glorious sword battles on a sun-soaked battlefield. Afterwards, much to everyone’s delight, a wonderful spread of lemonade, ice tea, cakes, and cookies greeted everyone in the kitchen. The day came to a close with a presentation about symbolism, using the example of two eternal enemies; the lion and the hyena, followed by a Chinese shadow-show relating the story of Spain’s Don Pelayo and the miracle of Covadonga.

Thus ended the Call to Chivalry Day in the Land of Mary.

call to chivalry day 2
call to chivalry day 5
call to chivalry day 3

Happiness and Heroism: Two TFP Houston Talks

June 10, 2019

By Zechariah Long On June 1, Tradition Family Property—Texas hosted two talks by long-time TFP member Norman Fulkerson for friends and supporters at the Historic Italian Cultural and Community Center in Houston. Mr. Fulkerson is the author of the award-winning book An American Knight: The Life of Colonel John W. Ripley (USMC) and is a […]

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Prayer Warriors Honor a Model of Purity in New Orleans

June 4, 2019

By Ben Broussard Most people would not associate the French Quarter in New Orleans with purity. However, this infamous neighborhood is home to a famous monument honoring someone renowned for the angelic virtue. The golden equestrian statue of Saint Joan of Arc gleams in the morning sun in a small park near the French Market. […]

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Catholics Reject “Hail Satan?” in Houston

June 4, 2019

By Zechariah Long On May 29, 2019, a brave band of protesters organized by Tradition Family Property—Texas gathered outside the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Houston, Texas, to protest the documentary film, Hail Satan? The comedy-documentary is a film about a group known as The Satanic Temple (TST). The group has been promoting Satanic principles in […]

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At the Monthly Pro-Life Luncheon in Lafayette

May 30, 2019

By John Paul Tomba On May 29, 2019, three members from Tradition, Family, Property–Louisiana (TFP-LA) attended a pro-life luncheon at the Abacus Restaurant in Lafayette, Louisiana. The monthly event is put on by Louisiana Right to Life, and TFP-LA regularly attends. The May meeting consisted of introductory remarks by Dr. Kathy Allen, the head of […]

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First Sunday Talk: Apparitions of Saint Michael the Archangel

May 30, 2019

By TFPLA On May 5, Tradition, Family, Property–Louisiana held its monthly First Sunday Talk at its New Orleans center. Speaker Ben Broussard spoke about little-known events in Catholic history. The topic was the apparitions of Saint Michael, the Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, who rarely appears to men. When he does, the presence of the […]

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Support and Rejection Protesting Abortion in Houston

May 15, 2019

By Cesar Franco On May 14, 2019, members of Tradition, Family, Property–Texas joined other anti-abortion prayer warriors to protest a Planned Parenthood fundraiser called “Cocktail for a Cause.” The event was hosted by the Planned Parenthood Young Leaders at the Axelrad Beer Garden in Houston. Pro-lifers held a banner that said, “Thou Shalt Not Kill! […]

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Why Our Lady Weeps

May 14, 2019

By Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira The weeping of Our Lady in New Orleans is related to the prophecies of Fatima. The fact that a statue of Our Lady of Fatima shed tears means the event is related to the apparitions in Portugal. Now, the apparitions in Portugal were meant to give a message, and […]

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Rosary Rally Unmasks Pro-Abortion Lilith Fund at Skating Rink

May 8, 2019

By Evan Olwell On April 28, 2019, members of TFP-Texas joined other pro-life activists outside of Lockwood Skating palace in Houston to protest an abortion fundraiser being held by the pro-abortion Lilith Fund. The Catholic faithful at the site held pro-life signs and prayed the Holy Rosary. When TFP member Cesar Franco spoke to the […]

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Rosary of Reparation for Homosexual Easter Parade in the French Quarter

May 2, 2019

By Ben Broussard Easter Sunday is the most solemn feast of the Church year. However, in New Orleans, the festivities were marred by the Gay Easter Parade in the French Quarter. Now in its 20th year, the afternoon of Easter Sunday has homosexuals parading through the city streets, making a mockery of what should be […]

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Summit on Survivors of the Sexual Revolution

May 2, 2019

By Thomas Drake The Ruth Institute organized a much-needed Conference and Awards Dinner April 26 and 27 in Lake Charles, La. The gathering featured an amazing ensemble of scholars, activists, and public witnesses and brought forth the truth that God’s plan for the family is the foundation of every enduring society. The whirlwind of “The […]

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Making the Paranormal Normal in the Bayou

May 2, 2019

By Zechariah Long Public approval of the sinister and wicked is increasing across America. One such advancement is a traveling show, known as the Paranormal Cirque that is currently touring the major cities of Louisiana. A Wicked Circus The Paranormal Cirque is a production of the Cirque Italia company in Italy. The name Cirque could […]

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Protesting Drag Queen Story Hour on Holy Saturday

April 26, 2019

By Ben Broussard In what should have been a time of rest for the staff, the New Orleans Public Library was open on Holy Saturday 2019. Worse yet, two branches hosted the Drag Queen Story Hour. In the morning, Hubbell Library near Algiers Point hosted this event to corrupt innocent children. This venue was the […]

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At the Good Friday Nine Churches Walk in New Orleans

April 25, 2019

By Ben Broussard The bright sunlight entered illuminating the stained glass. In New Orleans, known the world over for sin and debauchery, the light represented a stark contrast. As if God Himself were shining a beacon, these windows that were testaments of the faith of past generations preached a silent sermon to the multitudes, calling […]

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TFP New Orleans: Good Friday Nine Churches Pilgrimage

April 12, 2019

On April 19, 2019, TFP New Orleans and America Needs Fatima will be participating in the traditional Good Friday Nine Churches Walk. We will process carrying the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima. This year’s route begins at Saint Stephen’s Church in Uptown New Orleans and concludes at Saint Patrick’s Church in the […]

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Protesting the Drag Queen Story Hour in New Orleans

April 12, 2019

By Ben Broussard On April 6, 2019, the New Orleans Public Library once again hosted a Drag Queen Story Hour. This time it was at a new location, Martin Luther King Jr. branch in the Lower Ninth Ward. Members and supporters of Tradition, Family, Property – Louisiana signed an online petition insisting that the library […]

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TFP Speaker Describes Amazing Holy Week Celebrations

April 11, 2019

By Ben Broussard Tradition, Family, Property – Louisiana held a First Sunday Talk for friends and supporters at its New Orleans center on April 7. TFP-LA Vice President Celso Costa gave a presentation about the spectacular Holy Week commemorations in Seville, Spain. The speaker described the scene by noting that beginning on Palm Sunday, Seville […]

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TFP at UT Austin: Keep America Free from Socialist Tyranny

April 5, 2019

By Evan Olwell On April 1, 2019, members of Tradition, Family, & Property Louisiana distributed the flyer Ten Reasons to Reject Socialism- Why We Must Protect the Family, Private Property and America from the Dangers of Socialism at the University of Texas at Austin. Heads turned all across the busy intersection of Guadalupe and West […]

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Texans Say No! to Drag Queen Story Time in Houston

April 5, 2019

By Evan Olwell On March 30, members of Tradition, Family, Property – Louisiana hosted a Rosary rally to protest against Drag Queen Story Time at the Freed-Montrose Public Library in Houston. The event features men dressed as women reading pro-homosexual materials to children as young as three years old. Protesters were outraged by the news […]

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The Left Howls as Houston Cancels Drag Queen Shows

April 3, 2019

By Edwin Benson Victory over Houston’s “Drag Queen Storytime” is at hand. The series has been canceled for the remainder of the year. The program, which subjects young toddlers to story hours by men dressed as women, took place in Houston’s Freed-Montrose Neighborhood Library. It was supposed to move less than one mile away in […]

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TFP Members Address Houston City Council Over Scandal at Public Library’s Drag Queen Story Hour

March 29, 2019

By Evan Olwell On March 26, 2019, members of Tradition, Family, Property–Louisiana returned to Houston City Hall to speak out in opposition to the Drag Queen Story Time during the Council’s Public Session. Public indignation hit a peak after one of the readers for the DQST at the Houston Public Library was revealed to be […]

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Rosary Rally Draws Support for Traditional Marriage in Lafayette

March 27, 2019

By John Paul Tomba On March 23, 2019, faithful Catholics gathered to pray the Rosary near the University of Louisiana in Lafayette, Louisiana. This event was one of 3,108 rallies organized by America Needs Fatima (ANF). The nationwide Rosary Rallies were placed under the patronage of Saint Joseph, the protector of the Holy Family. The […]

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TFP Joins Austin Faith and Family Day

March 27, 2019

By Evan Olwell On March 13, 2019, members of Tradition, Family, Property – Louisiana attended a Texas Values rally called Texas Faith and Family Day at the State Capitol. The rally was the closing event of a morning program which included a conservative briefing session in the Capitol auditorium and a meet-and-greet with conservative legislators. […]

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TFP Open House and Saint Joseph’s Altar in New Orleans

March 22, 2019

By Ben Broussard On Tuesday, March 19, members of TFP Louisiana hosted an inaugural Saint Joseph’s Altar at the TFP New Orleans center. Friends from the New Orleans area and beyond came to honor the Head of the Holy Family. Neighbors eager to see the altar came and went throughout the day. Among the honored […]

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8th Annual Port Arthur Lenten Pilgrimage Draws Flock of Penitential Catholics

March 15, 2019

By John Paul Tomba On March 9, 2019, members of Tradition, Family, Property -Louisiana joined over one hundred Catholics from East Texas and West Louisiana for the 8th annual Lenten Pilgrimage in Port Arthur, Texas. Following the same format of years past, the event began with the Traditional Latin Mass at 9 AM, at the […]

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Lady Day versus International Women’s Day

March 14, 2019

By Marie Sallinger Lady Day 2019 has come and gone this year, as Louisiana ladies joined many others from around the world this past March 8th to celebrate their dignity as a true lady. This was the third year in which TFP-Louisiana promoted this event, in opposition to the Marxist-inspired International Women’s Day. Started by […]

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