Against the Blasphemous Film Benedetta, Catholics Cry “Enough is Enough!”

December 17, 2021

by Cesar Franco

Public blasphemy is not free speech.

Nor is defamation of what is holy… just artistic expression.

When Paul Verhoeven’s latest movie, Benedetta, hit American theaters this month, it was already reeking with controversy in France and Italy. Benedetta by Dutch filmmaker Verhoeven was originally going to be called Virgin Mary.  No doubt the Virgin Mary is a prime target of this filmmaker, an avowed atheist, known for his films full of violence and sex.

The movie’s story-line is set in a convent of Renaissance Italy, centered on a nun, Sister Benedetta Carlini, who claiming visions becomes abbess of the convent. Verhoeven’s prolific fantasies fill the x-rated film with not only violence and sex, but blasphemy as recognized by secular media like, The New York Times and The Jerusalem Post.

We are seeing an increase of blasphemous and sacrilegious attacks on Jesus Christ, Mary, the Catholic Church and those whose lives are consecrated to God.

Benedetta is the most recent attack. In short, its X-rated content includes:

  • Nudity and immoral acts;
  • Blasphemy and anti-Catholic hatred;
  • Nuns sinning with each other and even with “Christ”;
  • A statue of the Virgin Mary is used for immoral acts.

Those promoting Benedetta chant the usual cliche’ of “it’s based on a true story”. Yet as Paul Verhoeven admits is several interviews and many film reviewers point out, “the facts” are based more on his twisted interpretation of what happens in convents.  What is an historical fact, is that prior to every brutal attempt to destroy cloistered convents or monasteries, it was always preceded by a period of salacious novels, plays and “true stories of nuns and monks”.  This made public opinion more anti-clerical and accepting of the brutal scenes that lead to the death of many nuns and priests, as happened in the French Revolution, or the period leading up to the 1936 Spanish Civil War or the Russian Bolshevik campaign against religion.

As we prepare for Christmas – the anniversary of the coming of the Savior and Redeemer to a sinful world – Catholics across the USA are holding peaceful protests against this outrageous broadside attack on all that we hold sacred.  America Needs Fatima, a campaign of the TFP, is sponsoring rallies at 1,129 locations during December.  In New Orleans, Louisiana, the two theaters showing this blasphemous movie met with vigorous protest. The faithful held rosary rallies of reparation and protest on December 3 and 4, 2021. Their voices echoed across the Crescent City with a clear message: “Enough is enough!”

Not only does Benedetta offend Our Lord Jesus Christ – the reason for the Christmas season – but the film also wounds all Catholics who honor the Virgin Mary as their mother, especially during the holy season of Christmas.

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