Announcing the Saint John the Baptist Caravan for Moral Values

June 29, 2021

The antiphon from last week’s mass in honor of Saint John the Baptist reads, ​”The Lord hath called me by my name from the womb of my mother, and He hath made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the shadow of His hand He hath protected me, and hath made me as a chosen arrow.” (Isaias 49:1-2)

With these words in mind, volunteers with TFP-Texas began the first day of their caravan by leafleting near NASA and the Kemah Boardwalk in Houston, Texas. Twenty young men are volunteering 3 weeks out of their summer vacation to stand for moral values in cities such as Austin, New Orleans, Mobile, Charleston and New York.

Near the Boardwalk in Kemah.

Defending moral values outside of the NASA Space Center in Houston, Texas.

The caravan is dedicated to the patronage of Saint John the Baptist and will be focused on defending the right to life of the unborn, as well as opposing homosexual “marriage” and the threats of socialism in our country.

Saint John the Baptist toppled impurity and fought against pride. He told hard truths to the wicked and cut off the paths of their iniquity. He is an important patron saint for those who seek to spread the truth.

In your kindness, please keep the Saint John the Baptist Caravan in your prayers and consider supporting the caravan with a tank of gas or a meal. To do so, please visit this page.

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