Praying at the Steps of the Capital in Montgomery, Alabama

June 16, 2020

As our jam-packed 15 passenger van lumbered through the Georgia darkness, from the front came the words we had all anticipated; “Gentlemen, get ready, we’re probably setting up in the rain.” After a long day of campaign and adventure, the ten young volunteers of the Mercy for America campaign prepared to set up tents for the night.

Praying at the Steps of the Capital in Montgomery, Alabama

Thankfully, the rain did not come, and we were able to set up and sleep in peace. The Mary, Mother of Mercy, Restore America Campaign is a special project of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) co-sponsored by Tradition, Family, Property – Louisiana. Young volunteers will be traveling all over the country this summer on a 50-State Rosary Tour to call on divine help to reject socialism and restore America.

We had visited Tallahassee on June 3. The next day we set off for Montgomery, Alabama.

Fort Benning, Georgia

On the way to the Alabama state capital, we stopped by Fort Benning, the nation’s largest Army base. We held a short rosary rally and campaign at a large intersection near the base where we unrolled our banner that read, “Pray for America’s Return to Order,” and put up the TFP standard. Dozens of soldiers among other citizens drove by and honked in support.

One man approached us and asked, “What religion are y’all?”

“Catholic,” we replied.

“Oh, when I saw all the red [the capes and standard], I knew y’all couldn’t be Baptists.”

Montgomery, Alabama

A scorching Alabama sun greeted us on the Capitol steps. All went according to plan.  The statue of Our Lady of Fatima occupied a central place as we prayed the Holy Rosary. The police were friendly when they saw we were peaceful and respectful of the law.

People working nearby came out of the government buildings to observe and take pictures. The campaign attracted so much attention that we noticed a drone flying over us.

To wrap up, we shout out our usual cry: “Tradition, Family, Property!” Our voices echoed off the surrounding buildings and down the streets.

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