Draggieland Drag Queen Show Not Welcome at Texas A&M

February 24, 2020

By Zechariah Long

Texas is a God fearing state that cherishes moral values. That is precisely why dozens of students at Texas A&M organized a peaceful protest against the first drag show hosted on campus called  “Draggieland.”  The exhibit of moral depravity was opposed by a coalition of Catholic students and volunteers of Tradition Family Property (TFP)–Texas on February 19, 2020.

While students prayed the rosary, pro-homosexual advocates yelled, cursed and screamed blasphemies against Jesus Christ.

“Draggieland” Drag Show

The drag queen lifestyle does not belong at an institution of higher learning such as Texas A&M University, which should promote its core values of “respect, integrity, and excellence.”  Thankfully, a group of brave Aggie students organized a petition drive asking the president of Texas A&M to disallow the drag show on campus property.  Although the response to their effort was mostly supportive, those who disagreed with their pro-family message attacked and harassed them verbally in class and on social media. So much for tolerance.  In spite of the hate, the students collected over 1,500 signatures.

Protest and Reparation

On February 19, 2020, TFP Texas led a Rosary Rally of protest and reparation against “Draggieland” at 7:00 pm, the time the show was taking place. The first group of rally participants arrived and formed in the plaza outside the Rudder Theater.  TFP bagpiper Evan Olwell played the song Immaculate Mary. As the notes of the Marian hymn resounded, more Catholics streamed in from the four corners of the plaza answering the call of the bagpipes.

Fifty Catholics stood shoulder to shoulder, rosaries in hand, holding signs conveying clear messages: “A moral wrong can never be a civil right,” “Mary, save us from the sexual revolution,” and “drag show is not a Texas value.”​​

LINK: Taking a Principled, Not a Person Stand

Some eighty counter-protesters gathered across the square.  With signs such as “love is a human right,” or “get your hate out of my state,” they certainly did not practice what they preached.  Over a loud megaphone, rainbow-waving students screamed vulgar insults.  “F— you” was their most common chant.  At one point, two men walked in front of the Catholic group and committed indecent acts.  Loud rap music was also blared from the megaphone in an attempt to block out the prayers of the Rosary.  All this served as a good lesson: The homosexual movement hates prayer.

But God blesses those who defend His holy law.  It was beautiful to see the joy on the faces of those who prayed.  One pro-family rally participant enthusiastically said: “Wow! It really feels good to be out here doing what’s right!”

Adrian, a college student who traveled from Houston to College Station to protest, commented:  “I was very impressed with the calm and confident demeanor of the Catholics versus the screaming hateful attitude of the LGBT advocates across the square.”

The full Rosary was prayed along with Catholic hymns and other prayers of reparation. Slogans were recited between each decade.  For example:

L. “Keep America’s honor true!”

R. “Restore the moral fabric of the Red, White, and Blue!”

L.  A moral wrong!”

R. “Can never be a civil right!”

With these slogans still reverberating in their hearts, the prayer warriors wrapped up the peaceful protest after spending nearly two hours in the public square for greater glory to God.

As God’s law is challenged at Texas A&M and beyond, young Catholics Aggies are not about to give up and remain silent.  On the contrary, the need to proclaim the truth and promote moral values is all the more important and pressing.  God loving Americans will not be silent.

The spiritual battlefield can only belong to one of two sides: The side of God or the side of the devil. This TFP–Texas rally demonstrated that many Catholics students are firmly on God’s side where victory is certain.  Despite the current crisis undermining Christian Civilization, God has already won.  “In the world you shall have distress: but have confidence, I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).

LINK: Watch the video of the protest against Draggieland here

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