Winter Caravan 2019 Day 6 – Hiking, to Serve Our Lady Better

January 24, 2019

TFP Hike in Texas

By Cesar Franco

Pro-Life Caravan Report Day 6 – Jan. 23, 2019

Hiking, to Serve Our Lady better

Campaigning days on the road, one is reminded very quickly that man is not only soul but body as well. Soon muscles begin to cramp up, and sitting gets old very quickly. So with a van load of energetic young men, it is advisable to provide an opportunity to burn some energy. What better thing to do than an outdoor excursion?

This is why January 23 found the TFP caravan driving through the rain and cold up to the Big Thicket National Preserve in East Texas where they would do an overnight hike.

Alas, even on the way there, they were reminded of the reason for the caravan. When getting some hot chocolate to warm up after eating a packed lunch outside in a Walmart parking lot, the manager asked what group we were with. After telling her about our crusade, she said, “What you are doing is so important, especially after the very sad law that just passed in New York.” This was a grim reminder that just as the pro-life movement is advancing, there are those hell-bent on ensuring the mass execution of our pre-born fellow Americans.

The skies cleared in time for the beginning of the hike. After walking ankle-deep through flooded trails and climbing over obstacles, caravanners enjoyed a feast of fire-roasted pork chops and baked potatoes. The stars were out, and the fire warmed bodies as well as spirits since the weather was dropping quickly into the 20’s. That night all slept well anticipating the next day’s crusade.

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