Winter Caravan 2019 Day 2 – March for Life Arkansas

January 20, 2019

TFP Red Standard in ArkansasBy Cesar Franco

Pro-Life Caravan Report Day 2 – Jan 19, 2019

After a good night’s rest in a sleeping bag on beds or the floor of a kind family, TFP-Louisiana caravanners attended Sunday Mass and then hit the road for Little Rock, AR.

Whenever caravanners embark for campaign, they recite out loud the code of conduct for a TFP member on campaign. Then prayers are recited beseeching the angels to join our fight from heaven and then the holy rosary. This prepares the caravanners spiritually for the campaign ahead.

Little Rock came quickly. A clear sky and slightly warmer weather welcomed the pro-lifers. About one thousand people attended including the Governor, Lt. Governor, and many other elected officials.

Upon seeing the TFP standard and banner, a father and his family approached and said: “When we saw your flag and banner we thought you had to be Catholic. Thank you for being here!” Another mother from Northwest Arkansas recognized the TFP. “What a pleasant surprise to see the TFP here. You mark the Catholic presence in a good way. You make us feel represented. Thank you.”

After the March concluded, the caravan hit the road south for Lafayette, Louisiana.

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March for Life ArkansasMarch for Life Arkansas


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