Winter Caravan 2019 Day 1 – March for Life in Dallas

January 19, 2019

By Cesar Franco

Pro-life Caravan Report Day 1 – January 18, 2019

On January 18, 2019, Tradition, Family, Property – Louisiana kicked off an eight-day pro-life caravan in defense of the unborn. They could be seen at street intersections or in marches for life wearing their characteristic red capes and bearing their medieval standard of the same color with a rampant gold lion and the trilogy of “Tradition, Family, Property.” They also carried a banner saying, “Thou shall not kill. Stop abortion!”

Flyers were also distributed in which the current crisis of faith was analyzed. Pro-lifers find themselves resisting abortion and are facing the sad reality that the church is seriously being assailed by enemies from within and without as the recent scandals sadly showed. The Church is in a sinister “process of self-destruction” as Pope Paul VI once put it. This is something disheartening, especially for Catholic pro-lifers. The American TFP’s statement contained in the flyer was one of reassurance and hope in the face of this dark panorama: “The Church, Holy and Immortal, Shall Prevail.”

Read the TFP statement here


The first stop on the caravan was the March for Life in Dallas. Thousands of souls braved the frigid cold and amazingly strong wind gusts. Pro-lifers marched from the Guadalupe Cathedral to the Earl Cabell Federal Building and Courthouse where Roe v. Wade originated and was appealed all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Members of the TFP Holy Choirs of Angels band played the bagpipes and drums.

With winds gusts reaching 40 mph, the TFP standard snapped in the wind, and it was necessary at times for two members to hold it steady. “Wow! It looks like Iwo Jima,” commented one man as he walked by. The historical parallel was very interesting if nothing else. While the Marines battled against a foreign enemy on foreign soil, we are waging, on our soil, a spiritual battle against an evil more destructive than even World War Two. Abortion has killed more Americans than all of our wars put together. Not to mention the unprecedented destruction being wrought by the culture of death in general.

After the March, TFP caravanners thawed out in their van as they enjoyed a packed lunch donated by a kind lady from the area. But they didn’t get too comfortable. Next destination: an intersection campaign at the Irving Mall! The hope and enthusiasm given to the public driving by on their Saturday evening were worth every minute. Honks, smiles, waves, and thumbs up were overwhelming.

Read about the rest of the Caravan here:

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#4 Jan 23 – Hiking, to Serve Our Lady Better
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