St. Joan of Arc Honored by Catholics in New Orleans

June 4, 2022

by William Gossett

In a display of public honor, nearly fifty Catholics – including two priests- gathered around the historical monument of Saint Joan of Arc in the French Quarter of New Orleans on her feast day, May 30. This yearly rosary rally is an important means of reparation and a reminder of what occurred years ago when there were attempts by anti-Catholic agitators to have the statue removed.

Saint Joan of Arc is a saint for today. She appeared at a time in France when everything seemed hopeless. Virtue seemed a thing of the past. Evil prevailed across the land. But Saint Joan had an absolute faith in God’s victory, and she had an unswerving resolve to fight for it.

The message is clear: Saint Joan of Arc represents the true values that the city of New Orleans must live up to, not the debauched, sensual, hangover-like atmosphere that permeates the historic French Quarter. With rosaries in hand, those praying around the monument of Saint Joan of Arc shared in the French saint’s heroism. Without a doubt, confronting the neo-pagan ambiance all around the statue takes courage.

The message did have a great effect. Many stopped to ask what was going on. One man from France touring the United States was very intrigued by the event. He stayed observing and commenting until the end and was clearly touched by American devotion to the Maid of Orleans.

The importance of this rosary rally is twofold. First, to honor Saint Joan of Arc. The second is to make a brave statement: there are Catholics who are not scared to publicly show their Faith and are willing to defend its symbols.

Saint Joan of Arc, pray for us!

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