In a Stumbling World, Lessons from Faith and History Inspire Great Hopes

February 9, 2021

TFP Call to Chivalry Fall Camp 2020

7:00 AM. The drums are rolling the reveille. The smell of brewing coffee is floating through the cabin. A quick glance outside, and a heavy mist conceals the river.

So begins another spectacular day of the 2020 TFP Call to Chivalry Fall Camp.

7:50 AM. Cabin and room inspection is over and now it’s time for the all-American breakfast.

9:30 AM. As the sung words of the Credo echo off the cliffs hovering over the river, Old Glory, the Papal flag and the TFP grand standard are hoisted to begin the battles of the day.

The outdoor sports begin as the sun’s warmth replaces the early morning chills. Hand in hand, fresh air and chivalrous adventure strengthen the man, body and soul.

This year’s hike left great memories.

Our guiding star in the storms and battles of life.

This year’s hike left great memories. Other years the hiking trails lead to a cross overlooking the valleys below, with the occasional bald eagles encircling the intrepid hikers during the recitation of the rosary around the cross. This year was more akin to Covadonga in northern Spain: the cathedral size cave from where was launched the 800 year Reconquista of the Iberian Peninsula. Our “Covadonga” was hidden in the Ozarks of Arkansas.

But the Fall Camp isn’t just for the relaxation of body and soul. It also provides a Catholic intellectual arsenal for mind and soul. Something acutely needed in our disintegrating society where cynical materialism and hedonism have replaced the Ten Commandments of God. A young TFP member from Florida gave a talk on What is a Crusader?  Another TFP speaker from Texas gave a profound talk on Angels vs. Devils: Eternal and Perpetual War, which is a subject matter unsettling to those radical relativists who think good and evil are just opinions that should co-exist.  There was a talk on St. Louis de Montfort’s true devotion to Mary. This is even more important today than in his time. And the story of Our Lady of Perpetual Help – whom the Greeks call Virgin Mother of God of the Passion – was told.  This was important because Mr. Matthew Shibler handcrafted in oak a memento of Our Lady of Perpetual Help for each young man and the Dads.

A lively entertaining skit representing different types of men – and their concepts of life and ideals – over past centuries, was performed to enthusiastic applause during one of the tent dinners.

And on the morning of the last full day there was an impressive presentation on the TFP action in the USA… just in the past year.  From this meeting, the young eager audience proceeded to the sword demonstrations followed by the Medieval Games and Banquet.

The “Medieval Games”.

Let us pray that Our Lady of Perpetual Help continue her maternal protection of all the participants and benefactors of this amazing Call to Chivalry Camp. And may her closeness to her Divine Son be our guiding star in the storms and battles of life ahead.

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