Pro-Life Caravans Take Over Downtown Austin

January 30, 2021

The Alamo is a favorite campaign spot.

San Antonio, Texas

On January 23, 2021, volunteers with Tradition, Family, Property- Texas (TFP-TX), visited the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, as part of the “Stella Maris” pro-life caravan passing through Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. This caravan was done despite cancellations of pro-life events in Dallas, Little Rock and Austin.

It was a cool morning when the caravan members arrived at the Alamo. Covid-19 restrictions cut down on the number of tourists and pedestrians in the city. However, all heads turned when the bagpipes began to play patriotic hymns, and caravan members shouted pro-life slogans. The caravan favorite “honk against abortion” signs encouraged those driving by to show their support for the unborn and drew even more attention to the campaign.

The pro-life leaflet was titled “As Our National Consensus Crumbles: Hope in Fatima and a Return to God.” Several people recognized the TFP from the TFP Student Action YouTube videos. One young woman exclaimed: “It’s good to see you guys, I see you every year at the March for Life in D.C.”

As Caravan members walked down the block, they met a shop owner. She agreed with the message and said: “That’s what I tell people; thank God your Mom didn’t think you were just a blob of tissue.”

As much as everyone would have liked to stay through the lunch hour, the campaign had to wrap up to get to Austin in time for the “1000-car caravan.”

Austin, Texas

TFP members and friends prayed the Rosary, sang hymns with the bagpipes and shouted pro-life slogans.

From past experiences in Austin, the TFP members knew the pro-life issue would draw much opposition. At a busy intersection in front of the capitol building, the caravan members waited for the “1000 car caravan” that took the place of the annual march to the capitol.

No sooner was the TFP standard raised and the “Thou Shalt not Kill, Stop Abortion” banner unrolled, than the shouting and intolerance began. Some people driving by screamed pro-abortion slogans, cursed and made rude gestures. Austin is the belly of the beast when it comes to leftism in Texas.

A “1000 Car Caravan” took the place of the annual march to the capitol.

This hostile atmosphere suddenly changed with the car caravan. Hundreds of cars came honking and cheering through the intersection on their way to the capitol. The cars were plastered with pro-life signs. Such was their enthusiasm that the honks echoed down the blocks despite the intentional absence of the TFP “honk” signs.

While the pro-life parade passed by, TFP members and friends prayed the Rosary, sang hymns with the bagpipes and shouted pro-life slogans. They gave out flyers to joggers and passersby. A few accepted, thanking the TFP volunteers for taking a stand against abortion. As in San Antonio, some said that they watch TFP Student Action videos.

The cars were plastered with pro-life signs.

The “1000-car caravan” lasted about an hour, filling the intersections with joyful honks and cheers. It was a great defeat for the local pro-abortion promoters to see pro-lifers parading through the heart of the downtown of one of the most liberal cities in America. This campaign concluded the TFP Stella Maris Pro Life Tour.

All were grateful to have participated in the historic caravan. In these uncertain times, the fight against abortion must continue until victory.

Our Lady, Stella Maris…Pray for us!

by John-Paul Tomba

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