Drag Queens, Summer Storms and a Dallas Library

June 12, 2019

Drag Queen Story Hour ProtestBy Cesar Franco

On June 9, 2019, Tradition, Family and Property—Texas and its America Needs Fatima friends gathered in front of the J. Erik Johnson Central Library in Dallas to protest against a Drag Queen Story Hour. Thirty-five Texans braved epic winds and rain to pray the rosary in protest. They carried banners and signs, sang songs and chanted slogans categorically rejecting the shameless corrupting of little children in public libraries.

The Drag Queen Story Hour began in San Francisco and has opened chapters nationwide. The goal is to provide children with queer role models and impose upon them the acceptance of sexual deviancy. This is done by bringing in men dressed as women to read gender-bending stories to little children at public libraries.

Dylan Pontiff, a drag queen in Lafayette, Louisiana, is on public record saying that the story hours, “are going to be the grooming of the next generation.” If such words were not enough to take them seriously, two drag queens at the Freed Montrose Neighborhood Library in Houston were exposed as convicted pedophiles!

Slowly becoming aware of this offensive, Americans are resisting and successfully canceling these shameless events. Drag Queen Story Hours have been canceled in Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, and other places. Indeed, peaceful protests work!

Why Our Lady Weeps


Advertisements for the story hour at the J. Erik Johnson Central Library disappeared from the Internet soon after word spread about the protest. Despite the attempt to slide the DQSH in under the radar, the protest rosary rally took place.

About midway through the rosary, violent winds of up to 50 mph suddenly interrupted the rally unleashing a lot of rain. The rally participants continued unfazed, moving to an alcove in front of the library where they were shielded from the rain and wind. The scene was almost apocalyptic as trees bent in the wind, hobos scurried for cover, umbrellas and other objects flew by! All the while, the prayer warriors prayed their Our Fathers and Hail Marys. It reminded those present of the furious spiritual battle taking place in America.

The rally ended as the winds calmed and the sun came out. Many stayed and chatted for a while enjoying the moment. The words of one protester about the struggle to resist the perversion of children in libraries were indicative: “I am sick and tired of sin being promoted and not doing anything about it. That is why I am out here. To do something about it.”

His words certainly resonated with all those present.


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