Rosary Rally Unmasks Pro-Abortion Lilith Fund at Skating Rink

May 8, 2019

TFP protests AbortionBy Evan Olwell

On April 28, 2019, members of TFP-Texas joined other pro-life activists outside of Lockwood Skating palace in Houston to protest an abortion fundraiser being held by the pro-abortion Lilith Fund. The Catholic faithful at the site held pro-life signs and prayed the Holy Rosary.

When TFP member Cesar Franco spoke to the skating rink owner, he discovered that the pro-abortion fundraising group had passed itself off as a community service organization that was raising money for the underprivileged. The owner expressed great surprise upon hearing that the Lilith Fund was really fundraising for the murder of the innocent unborn. After investigating the group’s website, he finally understood the real nature of the group that was using his rink. Despite the evidence, the Lilith Fund would not admit to him that the fundraiser was for abortions.

The Rosary rally in front of the rink was received with the honks of passersby who showed their support. One family even pulled over to join in the praying of the Rosary.

Rosary Rally against Lilith Fund
Rosary Rally against Lilith Fund
Rosary Rally against Lilith Fund

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