Rosary of Reparation for Homosexual Easter Parade in the French Quarter

May 2, 2019

By Ben Broussard

Easter Sunday is the most solemn feast of the Church year. However, in New Orleans, the festivities were marred by the Gay Easter Parade in the French Quarter. Now in its 20th year, the afternoon of Easter Sunday has homosexuals parading through the city streets, making a mockery of what should be a sacred occasion. Worse yet, families bring their young children to participate.

Members of TFP-Louisiana walked the streets of the French Quarter the following day, praying the Most Holy Rosary in reparation.

The penitential pilgrimage began at the tomb of Ven. Henriette Delille, the heroic foundress of the Sisters of the Holy Family who defended Catholic marriage in the 19th century. The members then walked and prayed, soon arriving at the International Shrine of Saint Jude Thaddeus. The patron of hopeless causes was invoked for the conversion of this city.

Continuing from there, the members prayed as they made their way through the city’s oldest streets. Proceeding through Jackson Square, they stopped at St. Louis Cathedral for additional prayers in reparation.

Why Our Lady Weeps


The rosary continued as they walked to the equestrian statue of Saint Joan of Arc. Prayers were offered to the Maid of Orleans, one of the city’s patron saints, for a renewed culture of purity.

Reactions to the act of reparation varied. Some became quiet hearing the words of the Hail Mary. Others took out their phones and began taking photos. There were some who pointed and laughed, while a few joined in the prayers as the pilgrimage passed by. One thing was for sure: very few remained indifferent as the Most Holy Rosary was prayed in the streets.

Returning to the starting point, members could see rainbow confetti and pro-homosexual symbols as they passed through the French Quarter. It was certain the members were praying in the very place where a short time before Easter Sunday was profaned with sinful and lewd behavior.

May Our Lady of Prompt Succor accept these prayers in reparation, and hasten to restore a culture of purity in New Orleans and across America.

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