Protesting Drag Queen Story Hour on Holy Saturday

April 26, 2019

By Ben Broussard

Hubbell Libray

In what should have been a time of rest for the staff, the New Orleans Public Library was open on Holy Saturday 2019. Worse yet, two branches hosted the Drag Queen Story Hour.

In the morning, Hubbell Library near Algiers Point hosted this event to corrupt innocent children. This venue was the first in Louisiana to host the Drag Queen Story Hour, in July 2017. It has done so again a few times since.

TFP-Louisiana members and faithful Catholics gathered outside to make known their opposition. The neighborhood where the library is located had little car traffic that day. A few passersby were out walking their pets. The rest were bringing their children to the drag queen event. Signs in opposition greeted them as they approached. The Most Holy Rosary, litanies and other prayers in reparation were offered up to God. Some of those going into the library stopped to take photos.

Why Our Lady Weeps


Later that afternoon, the TFP-Louisiana members and friends drove to Alvar Library in New Orleans’ Bywater neighborhood. Alvar has hosted the Drag Queen Story Hour monthly this year. As the TFP protest set up and people started to arrive, three drag queens could be seen outside the library. Once again signs and banners were unfurled, and the Rosary and other prayers in opposition were recited. It was clear entering the neighborhood that many residents here were pro-homosexual.

Alvar Library

Most driving by were against the protest. Several drivers slowed to jeer and give thumbs down. Their animosity did not dampen the spirits of those praying. The afternoon’s prayers concluded with the Litany of Our Lady of Sorrows.

When Holy Saturday is no longer a holy day of prayer, but a day for the perversion of children, faithful Catholics publicly showed their opposition in the Crescent City.

The two protests and Rosaries of Reparation were an attempt to show God and the Blessed Mother our fidelity and reparation in spite of those who would profane the most sacred time of year.

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