Transgender Tyranny Opposed in Texas

August 18, 2017

Opposing Transgender TyrannyBy America Needs Fatima

America Needs Fatima made its presence known in a prayer rally on the steps of the Texas Capitol, in Austin Texas this August 15th when a Texas version of a North Carolina-style “bathroom bill” dealing with “transgender” people was put to a vote. Republicans have continued pushing to make Texas the first state to follow North Carolina and prevent “transgender” bathroom tyranny in schools and public spaces.

Trying to shed a little light on a dark dilemma, the main version of the Texas bill would have required transgender people to use public bathrooms that correspond with the sex on their birth certificate.

Unfortunately, just like in North Carolina, some of the world’s biggest companies came out against the Texas bill, including Apple and Amazon. Even big oil joined the fight by summer, with top Exxon Mobil and Shell executives saying the bill would harm Texas’ reputation and “negatively impact economic growth”

Opposing Transgender Tyranny

Showing that it will take more than the nation’s biggest companies to discourage efforts to restore sanity in our democratic system, America Needs Fatima stood with nearly 100 Texans on the courthouse steps to voice their support for the “bathroom bill.”

Despite the heat, these Catholics stood – and knelt – in an effort to keep use of bathrooms in Texas safe and Texans’ right to privacy respected. They prayed with conviction to God and the Virgin Mary in reparation for the sins of the nation, especially the sin of standing idly by while proponents of transgender tyranny run the country.

Supporters of the Texan “bathroom bill” say they’re not giving up, but given the legislative roadblocks, the battle is now likely to shift outside the Capitol and into the 2018 elections.

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