Support the Saint John the Baptist Caravan for Moral Values

Members of the caravan outside the NASA Space Center in Houston.

The TFP-Texas summer caravan in defense of the unborn and traditional marriage is currently underway. Twenty young men will be volunteering 3 weeks of their summer vacation to stand for moral values in cities such as San Antonio, Austin, New Orleans, Mobile and beyond.

Beginning on the feast of Saint John the Baptist, the caravan has been placed especially under his patronage. The antiphon from his mass perfectly describes the importance of the TFP’s public action during this tour for truth.

​”The Lord hath called me by my name from the womb of my mother, and He hath made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the shadow of His hand He hath protected me, and hath made me as a chosen arrow.” (Isaias 49:1-2)

Saint John the Baptist toppled impurity and fought against pride. He tells truths to the wicked and cuts off the path of their iniquity. Given his heroic example, one can easily see his importance as a patron saint of those who tell the truth.

Let us pray to Saint John the Baptist, asking him for a hatred of the two vices of pride and impurity that are the two main vices of the Sexual Revolution ravaging our country. Let us ask for his courage to tell the whole truth to anyone regardless of the circumstances.

In your kindness, please keep the Saint John the Baptist Caravan in your prayers and consider supporting the caravan with a tank of gas or a meal.

May God bless you!