Showdown with Satanism in Oklahoma – August 20, 2016

“God Yes! Satan No!”
“Reparation! Reparation! Reparation!”
“Begone, Satan! Begone, Satan!”



Rosary Prayer Tour Reaches Oklahoma – July 21, 2016

We headed west to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and did a short rosary rally in the city that has become notorious for its public acts of Satanism. Another satanic Black Mass, together with a direct attack against Our Lady, is scheduled on public property on August 15, 2016.



Commemorating the Prince of Peace with the Sword he Brought to Earth – Jan. 5, 2016

On Christmas Eve, as we commemorate the most important and glorious event in the history of mankind – the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word and our Redeemer – a small Satanist group staged a sacrilegious act in front of the Catholic St. Joseph Old Cathedral in Oklahoma City by spilling costume blood over a statue of Our Lady.



Catholics Defend Virgin Mary as Satanists Attack Her – Christmas Eve, 2015

Faithful Catholics from several states gathered in front of City Hall in Oklahoma City on December 23 for a rosary rally of reparation organized by the American TFP and its America Needs Fatima campaign. Demonstrators urged Mayor Mick Cornett to revoke the permit his office issued to a satanic group which desecrated a statue of the Virgin Mary on Christmas Eve in front of Saint Joseph Old Cathedral.


Spiritual Warfare in the Heartland – Sept 21, 2014

The Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall hosted the satanic ritual, notwithstanding massive opposition from more than 215,000 Americans who signed online petitions expressing their indignation. Months of emails and phone calls in protest and many attempts to have the event cancelled seemed to no avail. The day arrived when the satanic ritual sacrilege took place as the venue’s officials obstinately refused to respond to public opinion and cancel the event.


Stopping Satan in Oklahoma – Sept. 2014

The planned holding of a Satanic Black Mass in the Civic Center, a public building in Oklahoma City, on September 21, represents more than just an exercise of “freedom.”


Over 215,000 People Say No Satanic Black Mass in Oklahoma City – Sept 18, 2014

A total of 215,000 people have signed various petitions urging the Civic Center Music Hall located in Oklahoma City to cancel the satanic black mass scheduled on Sept. 21.


“Begone, Satan: the Lord Thy God Thou Shalt Adore, and Him Only Shalt Thou Serve” – Sept. 8, 2014

Reason shows that we should have a sense of gratitude towards those who do us good and a desire to somehow give something in return. This feeling inclines us to love and respect and, depending on the case, to revere such benefactors.




Protest Against Satanic “Exorcism” – Oct. 21, 2010

On Thursday, October 21, a public satanic ritual was performed at the Civic Center in Oklahoma City, Okla. The ritual was billed as a mockery of the Catholic Rite of Exorcism rather than what it really was a satanic ceremony performed in public. Around thirty-five dedicated Catholic souls stood with TFP and America Needs Fatima to offer a public rally of reparation for this sacrilegious and blasphemous event.