March for Life in Biloxi – Jan 27, 2019

The event began at Nativity of Our Lady Cathedral in downtown Biloxi. After a rosary in the church, the March for Life proceeded through the streets to the Biloxi Lighthouse on the Gulf of Mexico.




A Medal, a Vision, a Conversion – The Story of Claude Newman – Aug 30, 2018

Newman was a twenty-year-old African-American who, in 1943, awaited execution in a prison in Mississippi. His crime was that of ambushing and shooting a man named Sid Cook, his beloved grandmother’s abusive second husband.





Pushing Personhood to Repeal Roe v. Wade in Mississippi – Oct. & Nov. 2011

“The basic constitutional question initially is whether or not the unborn fetus is a person. That’s critical to this case, is it not?” said supreme Court Chief Justice burger during the Roe v. Wade court proceedings. “Could Texas, constitutionally, in your view, declare, by statute, that a fetus is a person for all constitutional purposes?” he asked.