CANCEL: “Drag Queen Story Hour” at Cita Dennis Hubbell Library

Unacceptable: A man dressed as a woman reads gender-bending “stories” to children.

With all urgency, please sign this protest because Cita Dennis Hubbell Library, in Louisiana, is hosting a “gender-bending” event that targets children as young as 3-year-olds.

You and I must not be silent because the event:

  • Attacks the innocence of children
  • Turns the tax-dollar funded library into a place of corruption
  • Constitutes a new form of child abuse
  • Offends God Who created male and female

One activist “performer” involved in Lafayette’s “Drag Queen Story Hour” public debate last September openly confessed:  “This is going to be the grooming of the next generation.” [See video]

Act now.  STOP the “grooming” of innocent children at the library.

Thanks to peaceful protest, the sinful program was stopped in some cities.  Let’s stop it in every city in America.

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