Cancel “Body Worlds & The Cycle of Life” at Houston Museum of Natural Science

At the Houston Museum of Natural Science now

Read with Caution: Graphic Content

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is hosting an exhibit that features over 100+ “sliced-and-diced cadavers, cadaver parts and dissected human organs”.

Tell Museum Director Joel Bartsch to cancel this grotesque exhibit!

According to the HMNS website, “BODY WORLDS & The Cycle of Life, a new special exhibition, delivers a breathtaking encounter with the inner workings of the human body (…) In addition to showcasing the wonders of human development (…)”.

As Catholics we know that this is a profanation of human bodies made in the image and likeness of God and destined for resurrection.

According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church no. 2300; “The bodies of the dead must be treated with respect and charity, in faith and hope of the Resurrection. The burial of the dead is a corporal work of mercy; it honors the children of God, who are temples of the Holy Spirit”.

Worst of all, unborn children, preserved through the process of plastination, are included among the exhibit’s “specimens.”

This highlight of the exhibit is titled, ​ A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. It features, “a stunning look at conception and prenatal development, which features a multimedia display on cell division and a remarkable collection of plastinates acquired from historical anatomical collections.” Official Press Release​

An article by tags the event as “families things to do”.

According to the article, “The exhibit, which features sliced-and-diced cadavers, cadaver parts and dissected human organs, showcases the complexity of human anatomy. Several of the cadavers displayed are arranged in various poses, some as if they were playing sports”.

Comments on this article include;

  • “I’m appalled”
  •  “Pretty sick and disgusting”
  • “The title photo shows a traumatized little girl looking at a skinned human!”

Tell the Houston Museum of Natural Science to cancel this macabre exhibit now!

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