On June 6, 2019, Tradition, Family, Property—Louisiana and TFP-Texas joined forces for a “Call to Chivalry Day” in Lumberton, Texas. The venue was the Terra Maria (Land of Mary) Ranch, owned and kindly made available by the Dr. Odis Gossett family.



At the Monthly Pro-Life Luncheon in Lafayette – May 29, 2019

Three members from Tradition, Family, Property–Louisiana (TFP-LA) attended a pro-life luncheon at the Abacus Restaurant in Lafayette, Louisiana. The monthly event is put on by Louisiana Right to Life, and TFP-LA regularly attends.




Why Our Lady Weeps

The weeping of Our Lady in New Orleans is related to the prophecies of Fatima. The fact that a statue of Our Lady of Fatima shed tears means the event is related to the apparitions in Portugal. Now, the apparitions in Portugal were meant to give a message, and this message must explain her tears.




At the Good Friday Nine Churches Walk in New Orleans – April 19, 2019

The bright sunlight entered illuminating the stained glass. In New Orleans, known the world over for sin and debauchery, the light represented a stark contrast. As if God Himself were shining a beacon, these windows that were testaments of the faith of past generations preached a silent sermon to the multitudes, calling them back to the true path.



The Left Howls as Houston Cancels Drag Queen Shows – April 3, 2019

Victory over Houston’s “Drag Queen Storytime” is at hand. The series has been canceled for the remainder of the year.

The program, which subjects young toddlers to story hours by men dressed as women, took place in Houston’s Freed-Montrose Neighborhood Library. It was supposed to move less than one mile away in at Kindred Church, described by the event’s organizers as “a church in Montrose known for its support for the LGBT+ community.”(1) Until March 22, 2019, information about the change in venue was readily available on the library’s website.


TFP Joins Austin Faith and Family Day – March 13, 2019

On March 13, 2019, members of Tradition, Family, Property – Louisiana attended a Texas Values rally called Texas Faith and Family Day at the State Capitol. The rally was the closing event of a morning program which included a conservative briefing session in the Capitol auditorium and a meet-and-greet with conservative legislators.


8th Annual Port Arthur Lenten Pilgrimage Draws Flock of Penitential Catholics – March 9, 2019

On March 9, 2019, members of Tradition, Family, Property -Louisiana (TFPLA) joined over one hundred Catholics from East Texas and West Louisiana for the 8th annual Lenten Pilgrimage in Port Arthur, Texas.

Following the same format of years past, the event began with the Traditional Latin Mass at 9 AM, at the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, after which everyone gathered outside for the traditional blessing of pilgrims by Fr. John Kodet, FSSP, of Regina Caeli Latin Mass Community.


Defending the Unborn Amidst a Crisis of Faith

On this 46th annual March for Life, the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) joins with the multitudes of Americans all over the nation who oppose abortion and a wide spectrum of related moral issues ranging from the attack on marriage to euthanasia to gender ideology.


Fighting Back Against Drag Queen Story Hour – Sept. 28, 2018

Gender fluidity. Cross-dressing. Pick your pronoun.

Ideas found only on liberal college campuses? Not anymore. The public library of Lafayette has these as official programming for children, shocking residents in this conservative part of Louisiana.


Fighting for the Unborn: Why do TFP Volunteers do Street Campaigns? – Aug. 2018

In their own words, TFP Student Action volunteers explain why they spent 10 days on the road, defending the right to life in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Texas. From city to city, they denounced the lies of the Culture of Death. They stood up for the traditional family. With holy boldness and patient charity, they proclaimed the truth of God’s law in the public square.


Tears, a Miraculous Warning

The background to this event is universally known. In 1917, Lucy, Jacinta and Francisco had visions of Our Lady at Fatima. The authenticity of these visions was confirmed by the miracle of the sun, witnessed by a whole multitude even as the Virgin spoke to the three children.




May 12, 2018 – Fr. James Martin, S.J. is set to give the Commencement Speech for Loyola University at the Superdome in New Orleans

Pro-LGBT priest Fr. James Martin, S.J. is set to give the commencement speech for Loyola University at the Superdome in New Orleans on May 12th. Join faithful Catholics in a Rosary of Reparation.
Rev. James Martin, S.J. should NOT be addressing students because he said Catholics should “reverence” homosexual “marriage”; supports transgenderism for children; favors homosexual kissing during Mass; called dissident, pro-homosexual nun a “saint”; and welcomed an award from group condemned by the USCCB

The Virgin Warrior

The beauty of an ideal is reflected in the soul of the one who fights for it.

Consider Saint Joan of Arc, the French maiden called by God to save her country from the enemy. Few images in history are as inspiring as hers.




A Medal, a Vision, a Conversion – The Story of Claude Newman

Newman was a twenty-year-old African-American who, in 1943, awaited execution in a prison in Mississippi. His crime was that of ambushing and shooting a man named Sid Cook, his beloved grandmother’s abusive second husband.




Our Lady of Prompt Succor, Hasten to Help China! – 2018

Father Haase related his own Prompt Succor story from his time as a missionary in China. It was Christmas 1994 and he was visiting the village of Donglu. Fr. Hasse, far from his home, was suffering from depression. He assisted at the morning Mass in the church of this mostly-Catholic village. The pastor of the parish invited him to the rectory for breakfast afterward. The conversation began with the Chinese pastor asking where his visitor was from.


“It’s Time for Me to Come Back” – Aug. 31, 2017

Hurricane Harvey was truly devastating; weather officials used words like “catastrophic.” Many people lost family members to flooding and houses were destroyed. However, it is during times of suffering that people turn back to God. With the aim of touching as many souls as possible, two full-time volunteers of TFP-Louisiana distributed hundreds of rosaries and Saint Michael medals at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston where ten thousand refugees were being sheltered. The response from the refugees was that of an America that yearns to return to God.


Hurricane Harvey Revealed an America to be Proud of – 2017

It sometimes takes a disaster to bring out the good in people. The massive Hurricane Harvey that hit the Texas coast on August 26 was one such case. The outpouring of help for and rescue of the storm’s victims revealed one of the best aspects of the American soul.



Winning the War on the Cross: Americans React to a Secular Offensive

A little while ago, I was traveling with a colleague in the small town of Port Neches, Texas. While driving, we kept seeing white crosses in people’s yards and in storefronts. Even the fast-food eatery Sonic had a big one. So, we asked the lady we were visiting why there were so many little white crosses all over the city. Her explanation was an encouraging example of the fighting spirit and conservatism in America.



Commentary on the Treatise on True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin

We must do everything with Mary, that is to say, in all our actions we must look upon Mary, although a simple human being, as the perfect model of every virtue and perfection, fashioned by the Holy Spirit for us to imitate, as far as our limited capacity allows. In every action then we should consider how Mary performed it or how she would perform it if she were in our place.



Pure Goodness at Work – March 6, 2017

Last January 21, just a few days before the March for Life in Washington DC, there was another “March” in the nation’s capital. It was called The Women’s March on Washington DC. It shocked the world for its vulgarity, profanity and pro-abortion stance. They certainly did not represent my mother, my sisters, my nieces nor the immense majority of the American ladies I know.



The Battle of New Orleans and Our Lady of Prompt Succor, 1815-2015
The Mother of God Grants a Miraculous Victory – Jan 8

Nestled between dense swampland and the mighty Mississippi River on one side and the vast expanse of Lake Pontchartrain on the other lies the city of New Orleans. Spanish moss gently sways in the breeze from the live oaks lining the bayous, while alligators, brown pelicans, and choruses of bullfrogs make their homes nearby. The sweltering heat and the ever-present threat of hurricanes have long made this land, eight feet below sea level, appear inhospitable in the eyes of many.



Defending the Seal of Confession: The American TFP Sounds the Alarm – Sept 25, 2014

Washington, DC – On September 25, 2014, the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) filed an Amicus Curiae Brief with the United States Supreme Court supporting the petitioners in Roman Catholic Church of the Diocese of Baton Rouge vs. Mayeux, a case that concerns the Seal of Confession and that could have far-reaching consequences for the Catholic Church in the United States.


Stopping Satan in Oklahoma – Sept. 2014

The planned holding of a Satanic Black Mass in the Civic Center, a public building in Oklahoma City, on September 21, represents more than just an exercise of “freedom.”


Victory for the Family: Pro-LGBT Ordinance Defeated in Louisiana – Aug 28, 2014

A hush of expectation took over the room. The Baton Rouge Metro Council was now going to vote on whether to include “sexual-orientation” and something called “gender-identity” on the list of non-discriminatory city ordinances. Months of a well-oiled and well-financed PR offensive by the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender) lobby to pressure the city councilors of Louisiana’s Capital City to give privileged status to a chosen immoral behavior, was now at stake. It was to be one more success story for the national LGBT movement. Similar ordinances passed in Shreveport, LA in December, in Houston, TX in May, and in San Antonio, TX last September.


Break the Seal of Confession of Rot in Jail! – July 10, 2014

If a decision of the Louisiana Supreme Court holds, the Seal of Confession will soon be a thing of the past. The doors will be open for all priests to be called before tribunals to testify about what they heard from their penitents. Those who refuse will be imprisoned. This is not China or Cuba, it’s now America.


The True Devotion Series I – “To you, Dear Atheist”

Dear? This adjective may make readers wonder. After all, they have seen me, through my articles and other means, fight atheism for decades, especially the most actively imperialistic form it has assumed in the course of history, that is, Marxist atheism. How, then, can one justify the adjective “dear?” The explanation is this:


The True Devotion Series II – “Service, a Joy”

Imagine then that to your spirit – bruised by life, calloused or even wounded, hot with fever – one of those figures appears about which your childhood innocence, dead now for many years, used to dream. A queen, all majestic and smiling, leads you by the hand into the rays of radiant, peaceful, rainbow-colored light surrounding her in an effort to help you. The atmosphere is of such purity that it seems fragrant with all the perfumes of nature: flowers, incense, or what you will. And you, dear atheist, let yourself be drawn


The True Devotion Series III – “Obey in Order to be Free”

No, dear atheist. Giving a distant echo to the words of the Bishop Saint Remigius upon baptizing Clovis, the first Christian King of the Franks, I say to you: “Burn what you have adored and adore what you have burned.” Yes, burn selfishness, doubt, apathy, and, moved by the love of God, love and serve and fight for the Faith, for the Church, and for Christian civilization. Sacrifice yourself. Renounce yourself.


Consecration to Jesus Christ through Mary

By Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort
From True Devotion -Consecration to Jesus Christ through Mary


Lenten Pilgrimage in Port Arthur, TX, March 3, 2012

On March 3, 2012, over 100 Catholics made a 5-mile Lenten pilgrimage from the shrine of Our Lady of Vietnam to the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Port Arthur, TX.




Should a Jesuit College Hold a ‘Coming Out Day’?

Absolutely not. Every Catholic college worth its salt should put the rights of God above the shifting dictates of political correctness.




The Blessing of a Statue of Our Lady of Sorrows – Sept. 15, 2010

On September 15, the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, friends gathered at the TFP-Louisiana center in Lafayette for the installation of an impressive, life-size statue of Our Lady of Sorrows. The day was forecast by the weatherman to be thoroughly hot and miserably humid, but it proved to be an agreeable afternoon.