Fatima Home Visits

Cause of Our Joy – May 2013

We are well aware that Our Lady is constantly working and spreading her graces as we travel to homes with the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. On a recent visit in southern Texas, we were surprised to see Our Lady’s visit to one household as the culmination of a beautiful story of grace, nine months in the making.




Fatima Home Visits – May 2011






It’s a Small World – Nov. 2010

The old saying “it’s a small world” still applies in today’s world. I was doing Fatima visits in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, right next to St. Thomas More University. Right now, since there are not enough of us for all Fatima-visit-teams to have two members, I’m going solo for a while. Hence, I do half the work in the beginning and the other half of the work while everyone else is watching the video.