Call to Chivalry Camps

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2019 Texas Camp: Teaching Young Men how to be Knights in Texas – March 2019

Braving below freezing temperatures, young men and dads participated in a five-day Call to Chivalry Camp put on by Tradition, Family, Property – Louisiana. The camp location was in Central Texas on a ranch overlooking wheat fields, prickly pear cactuses, and mesquite trees that provided a rugged ambiance reminding one of Comanche Indians, Texas Rangers, and Mexican Vaqueros. It was a great place to learn about chivalry and honor.



Catholic Chivalry Shines at Louisiana Boys Camp – July 2018

What does it mean to be chivalrous?

The concept of Chivalry today has been stripped of its most sublime traits and reduced to the idea that one should open the door for a lady, which is certainly a part of it, but by no means complete. Chivalry is a serious and manly striving for self-discipline and spiritual perfection that can best be summed up in four words: “Death rather than dishonor.”


Catholic Boys Prove that Chivalry is not Dead – July 2017

The American TFP has organized camps for young men over the last forty years. These educational programs, called “Call to Chivalry Camps” attract boys from ages 12 to 18 and seek to instill in them the same spirit of Catholic heroism and sanctity of ages past.




Louisiana Call to Chivalry Camp 2017: on the Offensive in the Culture War

As a counselor at this 7-day camp, held from June 29 to July 5 in Norwood, Louisiana, I witnessed how a new generation of young men are eager to embrace the Catholic ideals of chivalry and fight for the rights of the Church.


TFP Fall Camp 2016: Boys Who Want the Highest Ideal

Few places rival the rugged yet majestic beauty of the Ozarks where TFP-Louisiana held its latest Call to Chivalry Fall Camp for young men and their dads. The location of the camp, perched on the edge of the Buffalo River in the heart of the Arkansan Ozarks, was perfect for the five-day adventure.


Boys Rediscover Catholic Heroes at TFP Camp in Louisiana – July 2016

By the grace of Our Lady, TFP Louisiana has just concluded the 15th annual Call to Chivalry Summer Camp in Louisiana.

Over 50 young men, a handful of fathers and TFP volunteers were eager to confront the challenges and adventures that awaited them: an unforgettable seven-day program full of inspiring talks, exciting games, formative activities, and extraordinary graces.


Young Crusaders in a World “Devastated and Without Honor” – Call to Chivalry 2015

Amidst the barrage of immorality and mediocrity in this post-modern society, 50 young men attended the 2015 TFP Call to Chivalry Summer Camp in Louisiana to learn about heroism, virtue and how to be true manly Catholics.


No Piece of Cake: Building Castle Cakes for the Louisiana TFP Boys’ Summer Camps – Aug 2014

The last feature of every TFP boy’s summer camp is a castle cake, the finishing touch to the “medieval” banquet. The banquet often features a magnificent roasted pig, complete with an apple in its mouth. Louisiana style, the side dishes are just as well prepared and appetizing.



These Boys Serve God at a Call to Chivalry Camp – July 2014

The rain came down in thick sheets, pelting the windows. The young men at the TFP – Louisiana Call to Chivalry Camp continued to pray their rosary in the main room of the Feliciana Retreat Center in Norwood, Louisiana. Claps of thunder, lightening and the whistling wind suddenly caused a power outage sending the room into complete darkness.



Boys, Chivalry, and Adventure in the Ozarks – Nov. 2013

Fierce cold and wind of a wintry night greeted everyone upon arrival. The White River, a stone’s throw away, could be heard flowing by softly. Looking across the moonlit river, a cliff could be barely made out. Thus, the third Call to Chivalry Winter Camp was transported to the Scandinavian fjords, setting the stage for what was to be an adventurous and grace-filled camp. It was sponsored by TFP – Louisiana and held in the Ozarks of Arkansas at the junction of the White and Buffalo Rivers.


Summer Camp Where Boys and Dads Discover Catholic Chivalry – July 2013

After a grueling lineup of competitive Medieval Games followed by a solemn rosary procession and sumptuous banquet, the annual ten-day TFP-Louisiana Call to Chivalry camp came to a close on July 10th.



A Call to Honor at the Call to Chivalry Spring Camp 2013

From April 1-4, a detachment of young men gathered at Fontainebleau State Park for the second TFP Louisiana Call to Chivalry Spring Camp near New Orleans. The joy of the Resurrection of Our Lord and His subsequent triumph over death permeated the ambience. The participants enjoyed a wide variety of games and talks.



Chivalry is Very Much Alive – July 2012

As author Paul Claudel aptly put it, “youth was made not for pleasure, but for heroism.”

With this spirit, dozens of young men attended the eleventh annual Call to Chivalry Camp in Louisiana sponsored by TFP – Louisiana. Each year a specific historic theme is woven into the event, providing real life examples of virtue to follow. The valiant Saints and crusaders of Poland and Lithuania offered ample inspiration this time.


TFP-LA First Call to Chivalry Spring Camp – March 9-11, 2012

In spite of the short duration of the camp, all returned home more on fire with devotion to Our Lady and the spirit of chivalry




Arkansas Call to Chivalry Camp – Nov. 18-21, 2011

This first Arkansas Call to Chivalry Camp was graced to have a replica of the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima presiding throughout.




Louisiana Call to Chivalry Camp June 28 -July 7, 2011

Who should young Catholic men look up to as role models? Rock stars? Football players? Actors? At the annual Louisiana Call to Chivalry camp, boys are presented with true Catholic role models to admire and imitate.



Louisiana Call to Chivalry Camp June 27 – July 8, 2010

At every Call to Chivalry camp, participants do an all-night vigil praying before a relic of the True Cross asking the Blessed Mother for the grace to be a true and loyal Catholic




Call to Chivalry Camp Recalls Heroism of Cristero Martyrs – July 2009

Blessed Jose Luis Sanchez del Ri­o was just 14 years old when he laid down his life for the Catholic Faith in the persecution-ravaged Mexico of the late 1920’s. “Long Live Christ the King!” were his last words. Over eighty years later, that battle cry sounded frequently among the teenagers at the Call to Chivalry Summer Camp for boys in Norwood, Louisiana, from June 30 to July 9, 2009. Forty-two Catholic young men from across the United States gathered to learn about the little-known Cristero Martyrs of Mexico and to participate in the adventure that is the TFP Call to Chivalry Summer Camp.