Catholic Call to Chivalry Weekend Turns Heads in Coleman, Texas

October 14, 2020

On the warm afternoon of October 9, 2020, under a vast Texas sky, vans and cars arrived at the Saint John Berchmans Ranch in Coleman, Texas. The vehicles were full of Catholic young men from Louisiana and Texas, eager to participate in a Call to Chivalry weekend, organized and run by Tradition, Family, Property – Texas (TFPTX).  The 270-acre ranch provided a rugged, yet scenic environment for the event.

The weekend was packed with activities. Even before the introductory talk, the boys met their new companions over some impromptu sword battles. After enjoying a dinner of shrimp etoufee, card games and s’mores around the campfire gave a warm close to the crisp night, spent in the large carpeted sleeping tent.

Card games and s’mores around the campfire.

At sunrise, the boys woke up to the sound of the bagpipes (a staple at all such TFP events). They quickly formed outside the tent to pray the customary Saint Michael prayer. After a hearty breakfast, there were organized sword battles, this time including bows and foam-tipped arrows!

Organized sword battles with bows and arrows!

After lunch, a presentation about the importance of the Holy Rosary prepared the boys for the day’s “public square rosary rally.” The whole group went to the City Hall in nearby Coleman to hold one of the over 21,000 Rosary rallies across the country organized by America Needs Fatima. What a sight it was for the sleepy town of Coleman! Here were young men, parents and TFP members with banners, flags and “honk” signs, praying the Rosary for the conversion of America. Nearly everyone who drove by honked in support.

One of over 21,000 rosary rallies across the country.

When the prayer warriors returned to the ranch another type of battle awaited them: Airsoft games deep in the heart of the ranch. The boys retired to dinner, preceded by a short presentation on “The English Village: The Process of Decadence in Medieval Europe.” The special meal featured wild hog shot on the ranch, and a green chili soup prepared by a local chef.

A short talk preceded dinner.

Sunday morning found everyone awake bright and early to get to San Angelo on time for the Tridentine Mass at the cathedral. After Mass, the boys visited a monument celebrating a piece of Texas Catholic history. Very close to the Cathedral of San Angelo is a memorial to Venerable Maria of Agreda, a Conceptionist nun from Agreda, Spain, also known as “the Lady in Blue.” She wrote the approved work The Mystical City of God. She also bi-located from Spain as many as 500 times between the years of 1621 and 1631 to evangelize the natives in Texas and New Mexico. Her process of canonization is currently underway. Locals turned their heads at the sight of the boys in their Sunday best, while some passing joggers stopped and asked questions about the group.

The ranch provided a rugged, yet scenic environment for the event.

Brunch back at the Ranch concluded the weekend.  Everyone exchanged contact information and reluctant goodbyes. The participants were grateful for this opportunity to be with other Catholic young men, grow in virtue and practice the ideals of chivalry.

by John Paul Tomba

Below is the full selection of photos from the weekend:













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