Taking the Pulse on How the Public Sees the Police

August 7, 2020

​Too often, the media portrays all police as monsters persecuting minorities. They also give the impression that everyone, especially black people, are anti-police. To answer the question of what people really think, 19 volunteers and friends of Tradition, Family, Property (TFP)-Louisiana took to the streets of Lafayette with pro-police signs and the rosary on July 25.

When we arrived at the corner of University and Johnston streets for our pro-police Rosary Rally, we were prepared for the worst. Many participants were uneasy about addressing such a controversial topic, fearing that we would be rejected. However, we found the support was overwhelming.

No sooner had we set up on our corner and displayed our signs than the entire intersection erupted into honks of support. It did not matter the race or background. Hundreds of Louisianans drove by and showed their support for local law enforcement. We prayed the Rosary asking Saint Michael, patron of police, to protect them so that they may continue protecting our community.

One leftist mantra declares that blacks and other minorities are against the police. We found that these groups were the most expressive of all in their support. One black gentleman laid on his horn and yelled, “My dad was a cop!” Two others had a competition who could honk the longest for the entire duration of the red light. Another gentleman drove by slowly with his window down and, visibly moved by our rally, said, “This is what we need in America right now. Thank you! Keep it up!”

At the end of the rally, everyone expressed joy for coming to the rally despite the apprehension. One lady expressed the sentiment of all when she told TFP volunteer Elias Bartel, “I was hesitant to come out today. I thought that everyone would be against us but as it turns out, almost everyone was in favor of the police!”

Pro-Police Rally, Lafayette, Louisiana

19 volunteers and friends of Tradition, Family, Property (TFP)-Louisiana took to the streets of Lafayette with pro-police signs and the rosary on July 25.

Though we returned to the safety of our homes, there are those who patrol the streets ready at a moment’s notice to make the ultimate sacrifice. Police put their lives on the line every day for our protection. They do this out of love of law and order and thus prevent our society from falling more into chaos and ruin.

They need our prayers and the most powerful intercession of Our Lady in face to the leftist narrative that portrays the police in the worst possible light. Such attacks serve to discourage police from carrying out their duties.

This action of TFP—Louisiana expresses our solidarity with our police not only out of Christian charity, but also for their role in maintaining order. If you see an officer, thank him. Pray for him. Too often the silent majority are silent. The police are those who are unappreciated, who do the incredible and face the unthinkable to protect the ungrateful. We must let our voices be heard.

by Gabriel Jordan

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