If Saving Lives is What Matters Now, Why Allow Abortions?

April 27, 2020

If Saving Lives is What Matters Now, Why Allow Abortions?

If Saving Lives is What Matters Now, Why Allow Abortions?

On April 18, two dozen pro-lifers prayed the mysteries of the Rosary and sang hymns outside the Houston Women’s Clinic on San Jacinto Street. Observing social distancing, they prayed and held signs that read, “Honk Against Abortion,” and, “A Child is a Blessing Not a Disease.” Sadly, the abortion facility’s parking lot was not empty. It seems even a pandemic is no reason to stop the slaughter of the unborn.

As the pro-lifers gathered, their enthusiasm was palpable and contagious. “How can you ask a pro-lifer to stay home when abortion mills are open? We are fighting to save lives too,” said John Paul Tomba of Tradition, Family and Property—Texas.

During the coronavirus crisis, politicians and lawmakers have employed drastic measures restricting freedoms in the name of “saving lives.” Churches, sit-in restaurants, and large gatherings have all been labeled “non-essential.” In Harris County, where Houston is, Judge Lina Hidalgo even made using face masks obligatory. Those who do not obey will be fined. “You can and will lead to death; we need to each take personal responsibility,” she said.

That is, unless the death is caused by abortion.

If saving lives is so important, why are abortion mills open throughout the country? This contradiction cries to heaven for an answer. To Governor Greg Abbott’s credit, he mandated that abortions cease in the state of Texas during the crisis. All elective surgeries were ordered suspended to free up materials for doctors fighting to save lives, not take them. Unfortunately, on April 13, the 5th Circuit Court allowed an exception for drug- induced abortions. Thus the abortion mill was open.

Many More Texans Die by Abortion than Coronavirus

In 2017, abortion killed 53,843 Texas babies according to the Texas Health and Human Services.1 Thus, an average of 4,487 babies were aborted a month. In comparison, 517 Texans died from COVID-19 from March 4 to April 21, 2020.2

Governor Abbott saved thousands more lives by suspending abortion for one month than those who died because of the coronavirus in Texas to date. If saving lives is what really matters, Governor Greg Abbott should be held up as a hero. Unlike abortionists, he is concerned for saving all innocent lives.

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