Coronavirus Cancels Drag Queen Story Hour

March 14, 2020

by Cesar Franco

The protest rally soon became a victory rosary rally.

The fear surrounding the coronavirus has negatively affected the economy and led to the cancellation of major conventions throughout the country. One such convention is called the South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. The tech event that normally attracts over 250,000 people was abruptly cancelled.

This year, the official schedule listed an infamous Drag Queen Story Hour on March 11. Members of Tradition, Family and Property—Texas and the America Needs Fatima campaign planned a rosary rally protest outside the Austin Convention Center. There was no official announcement cancelling the story hour.

Austin is a very liberal city. Billboards with signs that say, “Keep Austin Weird” remind visitors that the liberals claim the city as their own. The Austin school district is pushing for radical sex education in elementary schools. Austin is one of the few cities in Texas that still has occasional Drag Queen Story Hours for children. Without confirmation to the contrary, it would not be too much to suppose that the story hour might still be planned.

This is why the Catholics praying the rosary could be forgiven for being apprehensive as they gathered in front of the convention center. However, apprehension soon turn to joy when the protesters realized that the event was indeed cancelled. There was almost no foot traffic around the center. Because of the coronavirus, everything was closed.

The protest rally soon became a victory rosary rally, in thanksgiving to Our Lady for the cancellation of the story hour. Another surprise was seeing that most reactions to the rally were favorable. Thumbs up, waves and nods of approval encouraged the prayer warriors. One shirtless man on a moped slowly passed so he could read the banner. He turned around, parked across the street and watched for a few minutes. Suddenly, he smiled, gave a thumb up and drove away. Daniel Villalba, a junior from the University of Texas in Austin who joined the protest, enthusiastically said, “I am so happy the TFP came to Austin! Your work is so important and I am honored to be a part of it.”

Those opposed to the rally were a minority. They screamed profanity and insults. One man cursed, gave the middle finger and shouted “Hail Satan!” This is not the first time defenders of the immoral story hours have shouted this cry of revolt.

The rally finished with the singing of Immaculate Mary. The protesters were impressed how the coronavirus stole the thunder of the drag queens at the SXSW convention. If the story hours and the coronavirus have something in common, it is that they both need to be treated with seriousness and stopped.

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