Chivalry is Alive in Lafayette: Fourth Call to Chivalry Day for Catholic Boys

September 20, 2019

by John Paul Tomba

On August 31, Tradition, Family, Property—Louisiana held its Fourth Call to Chivalry Day at its headquarters in Lafayette. This month’s program was the largest to date with boys and fathers coming from Kenner, Baton Rouge, New Iberia, Scott and Lafayette to participate.

After a lively pizza lunch, everyone gathered and listened attentively to a presentation about the differences between Catholicism and Islam based on the TFP book, Islam and the Suicide of the West.
The boys then donned fencing masks and took up their [wooden] swords. The lesson was based on an old English martial arts fight manual. Rather than just a lesson on techniques, the boys put the theory into practice by mock fighting each other. They were also taught how to salute and shake hands before and after the fight.

The next event was the customary jug cutting in which they slice water-filled plastic jugs with a sword. Some boys even provided their own jugs in anticipation. Using an authentic medieval replica sword, the boys tried to slice the gallon jugs as many times as possible while keeping it in place. The record still stands at 6! As all good things, the swordplay came to an end. Klondike bars and homemade cookies waiting in the house awaited. All left with a better understanding of their faith and expressed a desire to attend next time.

For more information, contact TFP Louisiana at: or 337-232-1131.

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