Texas is Much More Pro-Life Than One Might Think

August 28, 2019

By Cesar Franco

After campaigning against abortion in the Gulf region, an enthusiastic group of young volunteers forming the Saint Elias Caravan arrived at Tyler, Texas on July 21. At the city’s main intersection on Broadway and the Loop, the caravan members were delighted to see others already there. Another caravan led by Rex Teodosio came down from the Great Lakes region to join them. This Great Lakes group had already campaigned in Denver, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque. Now they joined the Saint Elias Caravan and pro-life fathers and sons from Tyler. All total, there were 40 strong defenders of life that afternoon. The red standards of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) fluttered alongside Old Glory to the sounds of bagpipes and drums and lots of supportive honking!

One woman lowered her car window and tried to appear observant by saying, “I noticed you are all men. Where are all the women?” The caravan member responded, “If there were women out here, would you change your mind?” Of course her answer was no. “Well ma’am then that is a non-argument.” A blast of honks of support made her wince as she left none too happy. The public’s reception of the campaign in Tyler was excellent.

Campaign in Dallas

Some of those who disagreed were more than vocal in Dallas. At the city’s Northpark Mall, TFP member Gabriel Jordan was hit by a water bottle thrown from a car. The water sprayed all over another caravan member. The culprit nearly rear-ended the vehicle in front of him in his haste to get away. Fortunately, everything was filmed, and a police report was filed.

After watching the campaign, a well-dressed businessman approached. He commented that “It is great to see you out here. I was getting ready to go to work, and I heard the bagpipes.” He then affirmed his rejection of abortion and lamented the state of America. “The liberals make everyone think that they are the majority. They are merely the loudest. Conservatives are too passive. That is why it is great to see conservatives who are more active and more vocal! Keep doing what you are doing!” The TFP caravan was accomplishing its goals of encouraging those who oppose abortion.

Jerome Linscomb approached the car and offered a flyer to two women in a car. The younger driver had honked the horn in support. The older lady was unsympathetic asking, “Where are all the women?” The young man replied that “We have the Blessed Mother on our side.” The younger woman then smiled, honked again and gave a thumbs up.

No Argument? No Problem.

At Dallas’ Irving Mall, a woman leaned over the car’s driver and angrily shouted: “Where are all the women! I don’t see a single woman out here. How dare you try to tell women what they can do with their bodies.” The reply was the same: “Ma’am, if there were any women out here, would that change your mind?” A moment of hesitation was followed by “No!” The caravan member then asked “Ma’am, aren’t you glad your mom was pro-life?” She pulled out a concealed water gun and thoroughly sprayed everyone before speeding off.


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