Prayer Warriors Honor a Model of Purity in New Orleans

June 4, 2019

Most people would not associate the French Quarter in New Orleans with purity. However, this infamous neighborhood is home to a famous monument honoring someone renowned for the angelic virtue.

The golden equestrian statue of Saint Joan of Arc gleams in the morning sun in a small park near the French Market. The Maid of Orleans overlooks pedestrians and motorists passing all day and night.

On May 30, 2019, members of Tradition, Family, Property—Louisiana and the Prayer Warriors of Saint Joan of Arc gathered at this monument. They prayed for the conversion of New Orleans begging the intercession of the Maid of Orleans.

The prayer program included the most Holy Rosary, the Litany of Saint Joan of Arc and other prayers. To conclude, a newly-written hymn, Pure Maid of France, was sung in her honor.

Locals and tourists walked by as curious onlookers took photos. TFP members distributed a devotional picture of Saint Joan of Arc.

With the impurity and immorality of the French Quarter, prayers to Saint Joan of Arc are more urgent than ever, especially for the young. May Saint Joan intercede to bring a culture of purity here in America.

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