TFP at UT Austin: Keep America Free from Socialist Tyranny

April 5, 2019

TFP StandardBy Evan Olwell

On April 1, 2019, members of Tradition, Family, & Property Louisiana distributed the flyer Ten Reasons to Reject Socialism- Why We Must Protect the Family, Private Property and America from the Dangers of Socialism at the University of Texas at Austin.

Heads turned all across the busy intersection of Guadalupe and West 24th Street when TFP volunteer Damien Murphy started playing his bagpipes. The sound of the bagpipes even captured the attention of the many students wearing headphones or looking at their phones. Not all of the attention was positive, however. Some students refused to take the TFP flyer. Others would accept it, only to rip it to shreds and fling the pieces on the ground.

One student quipped, “You probably don’t like Ocasio-Cortez do you?” One young woman shouted, “I’m a socialist!” TFP member Cesar Franco asked her, “Really? Then do you agree with what’s going on in Venezuela?”  Without hesitating, she replied “Yes!”

Other students were friendlier and very happy to find Catholics opposing socialism on their campus. “I’m Catholic too!” exclaimed one young man. “My roommate has sympathies for socialism, so I’ll sometimes print an article against it and slip it under his door,” he said jokingly.


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