Defending the Unborn at the Alamo

July 28, 2018

TFP Alamo 2015By Gabriel Jordan


Beaumont, Texas
July 25, 2018

From Louisiana we went to Beaumont, Texas. Seeing our signs and banners, a lady slowly drove by and said, “I’ve got eleven children. Y’all are right. They’re all a blessing!”

The kindness of the people here is remarkable. A black gentleman arrived with water and pizza, saying, “What you’re doing out here is very difficult and so I wanted to get y’all this.”

Another gentleman waiting at the light said, “It takes a lot of guts to do what you are doing. Doing this in the heat and not caring about human respect. You need to keep it up! You’ll be in our prayers!”

Today, four more young caravanners arrived from the Great Lakes region to join the crusade for the unborn. Before arriving in Texas, they conquered Humboldt Peak in Colorado, a 14,069-foot summit in the Rocky Mountains where they opened a banner, proclaiming the truth: “God’s marriage = 1 man + 1 woman.” At that lofty elevation, who saw their banner? Eagles and Angels.

TFP volunteers at the summit of Humboldt Peak, Colorado.

Kingwood, Texas
July 26, 2018

Two police officers on bicycles came up to the campaign to make sure we were doing everything peacefully and legally. We gave them Saint Michael police medals and they were very happy. One of the officers said, “Thank you for doing what you’re doing. Keep it up and God bless you all!”

Defending the Unborn Amidst a Crisis of Faith


A college student driving by said, “I love what you are doing. I’m head of the pro-life group at my college. Keep it up!”

After the campaign, we went for lunch. There, one of our volunteers was stopped by an older gentleman: “Okay. I just have to ask. Who are you guys? No one in Houston wears suits at this time of year.” Our volunteer explained the pro-life tour and the man said, “Wow. It’s funny because we saw a group of young men out at an intersection doing a campaign for life.” Our volunteer informed the gentleman that it was us whom he saw to which he responded, “That’s great! We saw you and we were going to honk but we didn’t. I wish we did. You will most certainly be in our prayers.”

Shortly afterward, a lady walked up to us at our table and said, “Thank you for defending the unborn.” All this is a reminder that we are always on campaign everywhere we go — 24/7 — even at the most remote restaurant.

San Antonio, Texas
July 27, 2018

Today we traveled to San Antonio to campaign against abortion at the Alamo. Because this location is one of the few places with a lot of foot traffic, we were able to hand out more flyers, 10 Reasons to Defend the Unborn. The receptivity here was greater than in New Orleans.

A fireman came up, looked one of the TFP members in the eye and said emphatically, “I agree one hundred percent with what you are doing. We need people like you. Keep it up!”

Fighting for the Unborn: Why do TFP Volunteers do Street Campaigns?


A woman walked by with her family and was offered a flyer. She refused to take it. When asked why, she responded, “Because we like killing people.” After saying this, she and her entire family started laughing.

After lunch we went to drum up support for the unborn at a busy intersection with the “honk for the unborn” signs. The vast majority of those driving by were supportive. One man who was begging came by and said, “The babies have a right to live! Ever since abortion was legalized I’ve been disappointed.” Some of our politicians would benefit from the common sense of this poor beggar.

A woman driving by yelled, “I love to kill babies!” But on the flip side of the coin, two ladies drove up and gave donations to support the campaign against abortion.

The weather is hot. The sun is ruthless. The travel is tiring and uncomfortable. The volunteers are sunburned and worn out. But despite all the discomfort and hardship, every TFP volunteer is ready and willing to push forward and never slacken in their resolve to continue fighting the good fight to the end – until abortion is made unthinkable and our nation is truly united as one – under God.

Keep the tour in your prayers, please.
They are praying for you!

As seen on TFP Student Action

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