“It’s Time for Me to Come Back”

September 5, 2017

Hurricane Harvey ReleifBy Zechariah Long

Hurricane Harvey was truly devastating; weather officials used words like “catastrophic.” Many people lost family members to flooding and houses were destroyed. However, it is during times of suffering that people turn back to God. With the aim of touching as many souls as possible, two full-time volunteers of TFP-Louisiana distributed hundreds of rosaries and Saint Michael medals at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston where ten thousand refugees were being sheltered. The response from the refugees was that of an America that yearns to return to God.

On August 31st, people were around the two volunteers to receive their free Rosaries. Wanting to make sure that everyone who received the rosary knew that it was not just a piece of jewelry, the two volunteers would instruct them on how to pray the rosary. Certain parts of the Hail Mary some-times brought tears to the eyes of the refugees. One man, as he wiped a tear from his cheek, said: “I remember learning that from my mother. It’s been too long since I have prayed that prayer. It’s time for me to come back.”

The Virgin Warrior


There was a large presence of policemen at the convention center to keep order. They loved the Saint Michael medal and were extremely thankful. One police officer said: “I already have one on me, but I will take one for my friend. He needs one.”

Having exhausted the supply of rosaries and Saint Michael medals, the TFP – Louisiana members wearily made their way back to their car. The eventful day left them with much to reflect on. The warm reception from everyone shows us all that we need not be afraid of taking our Catholic Faith into the public square. When done with courtesy and dignity, people appreciate it and are attracted to the Faith. Thousands of refugees received the religious objects enthusiastically because they were suffering from Hurricane Harvey. They were humbled and wanted to turn back to God.

The man who humbly acknowledged, “It’s time for me to come back,” spoke for all of America that day. Indeed, the devastation of Hurricane Harvey revealed that it is time for Americans to come back to the Father’s House.

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