Protests Against Luciferians Really Work

February 6, 2017

By Cesar Franco

At the end of October, 2015, members of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) gathered together with local friends and supporters to pray the rosary and successfully protest the founding of a “Church” of Lucifer in the small upscale town of Old Town Spring, Texas. The trendy shopping area had long been a favorite of families in the Houston area. However, with the arrival of the Luciferians things changed quickly.

Some local merchants were alarmed by the main street intrusion. They feared the “church” would scare families away from shopping in the area. Other locals feared the bad influence of a “church” dedicated to the father of lies. They rightfully saw this as a pilot program for the mainstreaming of the occult in America. The group had no local following and the locals resented the fact their town was chosen as a testing site. As opposition grew, prayer vigils and peaceful protests were organized by locals and concerned families.

There were others, however, who said any effort to oppose them was useless since Luciferians had the right to open a “church” there. Better to simply let things be.

They forgot that townspeople also have a right to make their opinions heard, and exert public pressure to show that such an intrusion was not welcome in their once-peaceful town. Those who protested against the protest were really saying they did not want to make the effort.

Protests do work. Over a year after the big event, the followers of the “Church” of Lucifer abandoned the property. There are “For Rent” signs on the grounds and the owners are fixing up the place hopefully for better purposes.

Local merchants reported that the Luciferians sensed their unpopularity immediately after the protest and things went downhill from there. They have now left for good. God gives the victory to those who fight for Him. It proves the rosary is indeed a powerful weapon and that Our Lady always smashes the head of Satan.

More protests are needed…

As seen on TFP Student Action

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