Prayer Tour Passes Through North Texas

July 23, 2016

TFP volunteer Zechariah Long engaged in conversation on CampaignBy Cesar Franco


July 22, 2016

In Amarillo, we had an enthusiastic reception with at least 800 honks. As soon as we began the rally, three different men came to talk.

The first approached Zechariah Long and said he had just been on our website and couldn’t believe he and his wife had just seen us set up the campaign. His wife asked him to stop and talk. He mentioned the Call to Chivalry camps because he wants his son to attend one.

The second man was a bit stern. He said prayers are only going to get us so far and that we need to take action.

The third man asked if we he had ever heard of various Catholic prophecies he was currently reading about. A distinguished lady driving a car stopped and asked her maid to ask one of the TFP members to come over and speak to her. She told TFP member Alvaro Zapata that she totally agreed with what we were doing and asked if we accept donations because she wanted to support this TFP effort.

Taken with permission from content seen on TFP Student Action

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