Bringing Fatima to the Bible Belt

July 21, 2016

praying the rosary to convert AmericaBy Cesar Franco


July 19 2016

The next day, we headed on to the Fayetteville area of the state. We campaigned on a street corner in front of Wal-Mart’s national headquarters in Bentonville. Many Americans reacted favorably as they drove by. One police officer in Bentonville even asked if we needed water. Later in the day, we campaigned at two different intersections in Fayetteville. On three different occasions people spontaneously brought us water. Since we were in the Bible Belt, naturally a few different Protestants asked us about Fatima – which they pronounce “Fa-TEE-ma.” Surprisingly, they were not hostile to the idea of Our Lady’s message and agreed that we need to pray for America and convert, and that we are living in bad times.

One incident was amusing. As a TFP volunteer was purchasing water in the gas station he could hear locals talking in a lively way about us. “Who are they?” and “What do their signs say?” was being discussed. Finally a woman came in saying she went out there and they gave her a flyer. “Their banner says something about Fatima. I think they are Catholic! They are all young!”

July 20, 2016

Eureka Springs is a small town in a beautiful part of Arkansas. The downtown area, however, is very liberal. We campaigned at a T intersection where everyone going in or coming out of the city passes. The clear majority of drivers were very supportive.

A woman came up to us during the campaign to say that she is scared of the direction our country is going. She was happy to see such a positive action being done and said another woman was saying bad things about us in the store. So she felt the need to come over and tell us she supported us. She didn’t have a horn and therefore couldn’t honk.

If support in Eureka was good, the support in Harrison was excellent, the best we have had the whole caravan. This is interesting considering it is mostly Protestant. Even though we prayed the rosary, had a picture of Our Lady on the banner, people were very enthusiastic.

Taken with permission from content seen on TFP Student Action

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