Louisiana Call to Chivalry Camp 2011

July 9, 2011

By Kenneth Murphy

TFP Camp St Agnes

The Camp participants after Sunday Mass at Saint Agnes Church in Baton Rouge

Who should young Catholic men look up to as role models? Rock stars? Football players? Actors? At the annual Louisiana Call to Chivalry camp, boys are presented with true Catholic role models to admire and imitate.

Our Lady of Fatima TFP Louisiana

Our Lady of Fatima presides over the Vigil of Arms, a ceremony evocative of the all-night vigil done by a new knight before being knighted.

Each camp has its own theme and this year’s centered on historical figures of the British Isles. Many skits, lively presentations and a challenging treasure hunt brought life to heroes like Saint Patrick, Saint Kevin, Saint Columba, and Saint Brendon. The participants followed Saint Brendon on his voyage to the new world 300 years before Columbus.

They met William Wallace, who insisted that he was not a barbarian as depicted in Hollywood’s version but a champion of good who became the guardian of Scotland. The participants then helped Saint Patrick rescue a camp participant who was captured by druids. Armed with prayer and sheer numbers they chased the druids away.

The camp encourages its participants to not only look up to true role models but to become leaders like them as well. Canoe runs, obstacle courses, and group problem-solving drew out the leader in everyone. Games like “French football,” “Shield Ball” and “Capture the Flag,” can only be won through teamwork and strategy.

Essential to true formation, the camp fostered piety through the daily reception of the sacraments of communion, the availability of confession and by concluding the day with a rosary procession. Like the crusaders of old, all participated in a vigil of arms before a relic of the true cross.

Our youth needs good role models, not bad ones. If you are interested in learning more about future TFP Call to Chivalry camps please call Mr. Cesar Franco at (717) 521-8013.




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