TFP-Louisiana Regional Conference – Feb. 19, 2011

February 20, 2011

TFP Louisiana Conference 2011


Tradition, Family and Property – Louisiana hosted its annual regional one-day conference at its headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana on February 19. The topics were varied and well received by the nearly forty TFP friends and supporters who came from all over the state as well as from Texas.

The atmosphere could not have been better on a spring-like Saturday afternoon. Inside, participants heard talks in the TFP’s newly remodeled auditorium. Outside under a tent, there was plenty of good conversation and refreshment.

American TFP Vice President John Horvat gave the opening talk, “Exploring Solutions to the Crisis in Leadership.” Using historic and even local examples, he showed how rigid mechanic solutions fail to consider the nature of that which must be resolved. He showed how organic solutions adapt to the circumstances while upholding unchangeable principles.

“Organic solutions focus on a few general rules from which come an immense variety of systems,” Mr. Horvat explained. “Socialist solutions focus on one system from which comes a thousand rules and regulations.”

TFP Louisiana Conference 2011It was with great joy that Mr. Thomas Drake, president of TFP – Louisiana presented considerations on the life of Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira. He cited a passage from the book, Plinio: A Man for Our Times, by Louisiana authoress Andrea F. Phillips. Mrs. Phillips was present at the talk and graciously signed copies of her book that were made available to the participants.

Why Our Lady Weeps


TFP member James Bascom gave a presentation on “Avoiding False Solutions: Necessity of a Supernatural and Practical Spirit.” He especially focused on the virtues of temperance and prudence and how these virtues might be practiced by Catholics fighting for their Faith.

TFP Louisiana Conference 2011The final talk was delivered by TFP member and author Norman Fulkerson. It was on the controversial topic of the Internet. His presentation, “Digital Dilemma – How the Internet Harms Us,” was of great interest to all since everyone is in some way connected to the Internet. Mr. Fulkerson especially mentioned the dangers of the medium itself and its tendency to inhibit profound thought and reflection which is so necessary to the interior life.

The afternoon ended with wine and cheese – and conversation in a tent just beyond the shadow of three massive live oak trees. As evening approached, all left recharged and ready to confront the Revolutionary influences around them.

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