A Counter-Revolutionary Afternoon in Louisiana

February 12, 2012

With one of the property’s majestic live oaks in the background, the 20′ red and gold campaign standard of the TFP is raised and the Nicene Creed is sung to start off the TFP-Louisiana 2012 Regional Conference. As in the two previous years, the day-long event was held at the organization’s headquarters in Lafayette. Some 50 dedicated Catholics from the Bayou and Lone Star states attended.

The event was held at the TFP–Louisiana’s headquarters in Lafayette on a brisk Saturday afternoon. The spacious grounds and the main building provided an ideal atmosphere for plenty of good conversation and refreshments.

All the talks centered on the need for Catholics to unite and fight against the cultural assault upon what remains of Christian civilization. TFP Vice President John Horvat gave the talk, “The Fight for Tradition, Family and Property: Where Do We Go From Here?” He defined the fight by contrasting the individualist mentality that destroys tradition, family and property with the Catholic mentality that promotes these three values. Mr. Michael Drake took a more philosophical approach by showing how true happiness can be found in the Counter-revolutionary struggle.

Speaking about Counter-revolutionary activism, TFP–Louisiana member Cesar Franco gave a report on the TFP activities in 2011 especially highlighting action in defense of the Personhood Amendment in Mississippi. TFP Speaker Byron Whitcraft issued a call to action in face of the rash of what he called blasphemy terrorism. In addition to blasphemous movies, plays and “art,” Mr. Whitcraft also listed the horrific defacing and smashing of Catholic statues and other sacrileges that is becoming increasingly more frequent. Mr. Cesar Franco and Mr. Ben Broussard discussed was the American TFP’s October 2011 caravan in Mississippi to drum up support for the legal personhood of the unborn.

The afternoon ended with wine and cheese — and much conversation. Dr. Thomas Schneider gave a small impromptu talk with slides on his recent trip to Quito Ecuador to visit Our Lady of Good Success. He delighted the audience with pictures and a report of the pilgrimage to Quito, Ecuador, for the Feb. 2, 2012 Rosary of the Dawn. This procession through the downtown streets of Quito starts at about 4am and finishes at dawn and drew some 11,000 people this year! The procession has a long history to it and is part of the devotions connected to the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Success at the Conceptionist Convent in that city.As evening approached, all left recharged and inspired to defend the Church and Christian civilization.




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