TFP-Louisiana Regional Conference – Feb. 19, 2011

February 20, 2011

The TFP-Louisiana Regional Conference was held at the organization's headquarters in Lafayette. Meetings began at 10am, broke for lunch, and continued until 6pm, being followed by further refreshments. As the living room and library open into each other they made for a wonderful meeting room. Over 40 people from Louisiana and Texas attended the day's talks.

The first talk of the TFP-Louisiana Regional Conference 2011 was given by American TFP Vice President John W. Horvat II. He talked about "Exploring Solutions to the Crisis in Leadership"

Breaking for lunch. Participants enjoyed the excellent fare prepared for the Regional Conference by some of the ladies and beautifully laid out under a 30 x 50 canopy


TFP Student Action member James Bascom giving his talk on "Avoiding False Solutions: Necessity of Supernatural and Practical Spirit"

Another picture of Mr. James Bascom's talk


American TFP member Norman Fulkerson--author of gold-medal winning An American Knight, the only cradle-to-grave biography of legendary Marine hero Col. John W. Ripley--spoke on the Internet, its addictions, and effects on the brain and our living together in society. His talk was called: "Digital Dilemma – How the Internet Harms Us"

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